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Henry has learned his colors long ago.

He has also learned the different shades of green, blue, pink, purple and other colors.
We’re just learning what happens when you mix two colors together.
(I do think he has what blue and yellow make together figured out though!)

There are lots of fun ways to implement learning about colors in your preschooler,
These Playtime pals have given us great examples beyond just color recognition.

There are an infinite amount of shades of colors, identify them in a color hunt. Sun Scholars uses paint swatches and sends the kids off to find the colors.

  1. Sometimes colors have meanings in certain places. I Heart Crafty Things created a flag for Independence Day and shares with her children the meaning behind the colors.
  2. When two colors are mixed together, you create another color, learn how to mix them with spaghetti like Smiling like Sunshine!
  3. The same color can be created with different mediums, too! I Heart Crafty Things creates a sun burst in yellows, using both crayons and paints.
  4. Recreate actual items by looking at their colors. At Art for Little Hands, the solar system is crafted with yarn and glue, paying close attention to the real colors of the planets.

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  1. Art For Little Hands says

    Thanks for the feature. Those were really fun to do, but they were really hard. I really helped the kids a lot more than I intended to when I started the project. The kids did help me a lot with the color selection and I held the balloons and they put the yarn on. It was a very huge project that was way harder than I thought it would be. My kids are 7 and 5.

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