It’s Playtime! : Big Art Edition

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Creating Art while sitting just doesn’t do it in this house.

To get Henry the most involved (and happy while doing it),
I come up with ways to make art that gets him moving as well.The best way to do this?

Make the art big!

The It’s Playtime posts that catch my eye the most are the ones with Big Art!
More specifically, Big Art that uses body movement.

How do you use movement in Art?

Use your entire body to do it, like Pre-School Play shared in her Let’s Get Messy post.
(You’re bound to get messy when you take part in Big Art.)

Or just make it on a larger scale, or use your feet to make the art.

Kiddy Pool Painting

(Jada Roo Can Do)

Paint the Sidewalk

(Share and Remember)

Shoe Print City

(Adventures at Home)

Sidewalk Chalk City
(Fumbling Through Parenthood)


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