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craft puzzle

Imagine Toys was so very kind to send this beautiful product our way to test out.
A 9-Piece Block Puzzle to decorate your own puzzles.

The package includes:

  • 9 wooden blocks
  • 6 colors of acrylic paint
  • 2 paint brushes
  • An assortment of colored pencils

As this product is for 3+, and Henry’s just three and not the most excelled in drawing, I was curious how the puzzles would turn out. I kept an open mind and let Henry have at it.

craft puzzle from Imagine Toys
For each side, I let Henry choose two colors of acrylic paint [hoping for some blending].
While Henry created some beautiful art, it wasn’t identifiable to be able to take it apart and put it back together as a puzzle.
I tried a coloring book approach and drew a picture of a tractor on one side of the blocks for Henry to paint in.

It started out very well…make your own puzzle with blocks

… but once the tractor got covered, it just got smeared together…
So I tried yet another approach.
Painting a letter on first for Henry to color around.
block craft puzzle
This actually worked pretty well.
Henry was excited for the letters and painted around them.
Smearing them a little in the process.
All it needed was a quick outline with a Sharpie marker and they were easily identified.
I also painted numbers on one side for some open ended play, as well as a side with stars.
art puzzle with blocks
Now it’s still a little tricky to figure out the puzzle…
…but its good to make him think every once in awhile!
diy puzzle with 9 blocks
Got an artist on your hands? 
I do recommend this 9 Piece Block Puzzle, whether you have an older child that can really get into drawing on each side, or a younger one like Henry, you just may have to get creative. Either way, they’ll love the challenge of putting it all back together again!
Imagine Toys has a bunch of these Seedling products that are creative toys!
I think the kaleidoscopic one could be really interesting and fun with the end product!
jamie @ hands on : as we grow

Henry is 3 years.
George is 1 year.
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