I’m Proud: Writing his Name

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Trying to get Henry focused on writing, or really anything fine-motor related, has been a struggle. He was always about movement, full of energy. Too much energy to sit still and take time to learn such a thing as writing.

Yes, it worried me. He didn’t seem to be ‘up to par’ in this area. But I let it go. He’s 3 and I know writing isn’t something they should be able to do, it was just the fine motor area in general that worried me.

So, when Henry started preschool this fall, the teachers had poked me about his hand grip and handedness. Once again. Worry struck. One day it was that he held his pencil too loosely, and the next it was too tight of a grip. But I let it go, thinking there wasn’t much I could do about it anyway. Just modeled it correctly when I got the opportunity.

Finally, in just the last couple of months, Henry’s been more and more interested in doing ‘the little things’. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still completely full of energy and moves a lot. But he now takes time to work with his hands too.

We still haven’t really worked on writing at home (although they do at school), but a couple weeks ago, we moved our chalkboard into our office area (it previously had been hung out in the garage, inaccessible).

Henry completely surprised me when he picked up the chalk.
He wrote his name.
Completely on his own.
Left to right.
Correct order.

I’m proud.
He did start directly in the middle of the chalkboard, with the biggest H he could make. There’s a conversation on the hands on : as we grow Facebook page regarding this for suggestions on how to help when they’re frustration from the child when they run out of room.

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I'm Ready


  1. Jamie @ hands on : as we grow says

    Thanks Valerie! I wouldn't worry about Nico. Henry's close to turning four and only in the last few months has found and interest in fine motor skills. He's always been about movement for the longest time.

  2. Amanda @ Gratefully Growing in Grace says

    My 3 year old has been able to write his name since last fall. He was the only 3 year old in his preschool class who could. Now, a few months later, there are only about 6 children who can write names legibly. Sounds like Henry is doing just perfectly and likely a little ahead of the curve!

  3. Jamie @ hands on : as we grow says

    Oh thanks for that Amanda! I have no idea how he's doing compared to others in his class. And fine motor is always something I thought he lacked in until recently. So that makes me feel good :)

  4. Terri Thompson says

    How exciting! When my oldest wrote her name for the first time I was so excited. It came out of the blue as well. (And for anyone wondering, she was 4 1/2 at the time). She just took off from there. I think she had to decide when she was ready… not me!

  5. PlayDrMom says

    Way to go, HENRY! (and Jamie for doing her best to "let it go" and let it happen!).
    BTW … my Henry (turns six! next week) still loves to draw his name with great flourish and big letters!

  6. Lovingmama says

    Yeah Henry! And you are such a good momma – writing on a chalkboard like that is SO wonderful for our young kids and the perfect way to strengthen those handwriting muscles!!!

  7. Cerys @ Rainy Day Mum says

    Well done Henry that's amazing – I'm amazed that it's expected of pre-schoolers! I would expect a child at 3 – 4 to learn to recognise their name and within the first few weeks of starting school to be able to learn to write their name. I'm working on developing hand strength with J at the moment – we're doing lots of grip work and next step is taking him to the monkey bars to help develop the grip further. Again Well done Henry and you Jamie for helping and supporting him.

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