Edible Ice Wreath Bird Feeder Craft

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I’ve seen some beautiful ice wreaths around, and thought we should make our own. Except that our ground is completely covered in snow and its been just too dang cold to go out and scrounge up some bits of nature to include in one.

Instead, we made our ice wreath a bird feeder. I know, we already made a bird feeder craft, but I couldn’t resist another one!

I emptied out our pantry and got rid of some of the odds and ends boxes of goods and dumped them in a bowl.

We ended up with some corn flakes, french fried onions, brown rice and oatmeal. And just for all of you that think rice is bad for birds, read this, its a myth.

Bird 'food' to add to ice wreath

We made our ice wreath in a bundt pan.

George simply dumped each of the dishes into the pan and spread them around however he wished. Pretty easy.

Add bird 'food' to the ice wreath

And then filled it up with water….

… or filled the table…

Don't add water to the middle of the bundt pan!

Oops! Not in the hole of the pan.

Pour the water around the pan on top of all the goodies!

Add water to the ice wreath mixture

Then we quickly snuck outside to put it on the porch to freeze.

It was one of the sub-zero days we had, so it didn’t take long at all to freeze.

Freeze the ice wreath outside

A couple hours later, we checked and it was frozen. George was so excited when I took it out of the pan! (It easily slipped out after I sat it in some warm water in the sink for about a minute.)

I tied it up with a ribbon to hang for the winter. I hope it makes it! We’ve since had some warmer days where it was just barely freezing and it’s dripped a bit. That’s why I wanted to use completely edible parts, though it would be so pretty with some ribbons and sequins in it!

Make a ice wreath to feed the birds all winter

If you do have access to some bits and pieces of nature, I highly recommend checking out Red Ted Art’s nature ice ornaments that are absolutely stunning. Or use actual birdseed for ornaments too, at Henry Happened.

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  1. laura says

    I love this idea. We’re definitely going to do this tomorrow! I would consider leaving out the onions, as onions and garlic are toxic to birds. (Reference: Small Animal Toxicology, Third Edition page 264.)

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