Holiday Egg Art: Crayon & Tape Resist Watercolor

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Henry got so into this art project. I was really impressed with him. There are quite a few art processes that he really focused in on.

We made Easter Eggs with watercolor resist over both crayons and tape.

I started with drawing a couple of egg shapes on a piece of scrapbook paper to show Henry the shape of an egg.

Drawing Eggs

He told me, “Oh! its just a circle!”

So I asked him to look closer, its more oval than a circle.

He went right ahead and drew a couple more on his paper then. (((((Love!!)))))

Then we added scotch tape to the eggs. Across them, or diagonal, however Henry felt like doing it.

(I was doing my own eggs on a different sheet of paper alongside him.)

Tape Resist Easter Eggs

Once we were happy with our tape placement, we decorated the eggs with crayons and markers. (I’m not sure why I set out the markers for this, but I did…)

Henry was so into this. He didn’t pay much attention to colors, just really wanted to cover the eggs completely. And he did decorate around the eggs with lots of dots too!

Crayon Resist Coloring Eggs

I then peeled off the scotch tape. (By the way, any tips on what tape to use, or how to do it so it doesn’t rip the paper? Does it need to dry completely?)

Henry noticed the blank spot on the eggs where the tape was. Uh oh! That HAD to be filled in with color, right away! Henry colored over all his tape markings.

Crayon Resist Coloring

And then we colored over them with watercolors.

Again, Henry didn’t pay much attention to colors. I started to describe Easter then as bright, cheerful colors. Henry told me black wasn’t a bright color then and decided not to use it anymore.

Watercolor Crayon & Tape Resist Easter Eggs

Here’s our finished watercolored crayon and tape resist eggs.

Crayon & Tape Resist Watercolor Easter Eggs

I cut mine out and expected Henry to want to do the same, but he didn’t. He wanted to leave his as is. So they’re all still in tact. (I wouldn’t dare cut them out without his permission!)

I guess I won’t be hanging these eggs up then, huh?

Crayon & Tape Resist Watercolor Easter Eggs

Last year we did some for our Easter Egg Tree with shaving cream. That was a messy good time!

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  1. Roopa says

    Love that he wanted to fill all the tape gaps and you let me do it!!

    I have always used painter’s tape for all our tape resist artwork! They do come in various grades of stickyness and I buy the least sticky one from ‘Lowes’. But still paper does rip at places with paint, but never with markers.
    Also someone told me to put the tape on ur jeans and pull it off a couple times before putting on paper to remove extra stickyness.

    • Jamie says

      Oh I love that jeans tip!!! I’ve used painters tape in the past (usually what I use actually, just didn’t have any) — but I also had the same problem – but its always been with paint. I’ll have to try taping it to jeans first!

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