Spin Art Streamers: 4th of July Craft for Kids

4th of July
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Spin art is a classic, fun activity that kids absolutely love to create!

But creating streamers as a 4th of July craft was the last thing on Henry’s mind. I tried for many days and many approaches to create these. Sometimes I just don’t win.

Okay, a lot of times.

Then, I saw a post from Adventures of the Smith Family: Spin Art Patriotic Garland!

With a salad spinner on hand and yet to try spin art. This is my opportunity to create the streamers with Henry.

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Creating our Spin Art Streamers:

During another afternoon of digging outside with his backhoe, I brought the salad spinner outside. (Does anyone else’s salad spinner have holes in the outside tub? I found this odd…)

Along with some watered down red and blue paint, spoons and coffee filters, I enticed Henry to come check it out.

Creating Spin Art

Drip a little paint of each color onto the coffee filter.

Creating Spin Art

Then the fun part!

Spin. Spin. Spin!

(Or, you can drip one color, spin, and then drip the other color and spin.)

Creating Spin Art

Check out those creations!

Henry was in complete awe of them.

Sometimes it takes a couple of times to get enough coverage. Simply add a little bit more paint and spin again until you get the result you’re looking for.

4th of July Spin Art

I could have left them alone… very beautiful and fun spin art!

However, I was looking for a 4th of July craft to do… so, we made them into streamers!

After letting the coffee filters dry for a little bit, I cut them in swirls.

This could have been a great fine motor skills and cutting activity if Henry was to that stage in cutting. But he’s still getting the hang of cutting a straight line, let alone in circles close together. So I cut it this time!

Spin Art Streamers: 4th of July Craft for Kids

I asked Henry to grab me four sticks that were still floating around in his sandbox after we created the Tin Can Forest. He grabbed me four. No questions asked. (Very proud mom.)

I tied the cut coffee filters onto each stick. (Though looking back, I should have used yarn to tie them on.)

Spin Art Streamers: 4th of July Craft for Kids

Hand them over to your preschooler, and you have super safe sparklers for the 4th of July!

Otherwise known as streamers…

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  1. Larri @ Seams Inspired says

    These are great! I think even my 8yo would enjoy this craft. I can already see her running through the yard with one. ☺

    Visiting from RSDOI and the 'Happiness Is' hop. Thanks for sharing. I'm a new follower who is looking forward to reading your posts. Happy Thursday! ☺

  2. Becky says

    These are awesome! I am definitely going to try to find time in the next two days to make these :) Thanks for the great idea and for linking it up at Rub Some Dirt On It!

  3. Art For Little Hands says

    That is so fun. I sometimes have a hard time getting my kids to do an art project I want as well. They prefer to make their own fun. This was a great way to get him excited. you should play music and let him dance with his streamer! Thanks for sharing at art4littlehands.com

  4. Dorothy W. says

    Yay! Finally a craft we haven’t done with coffee filters! Also, the holes in the outside of your salad spinner are for using it in the sink, so the water drains right out!

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