High Five! to Week 5 Finds!

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High Five! 
to This Week’s 5 Hands On Finds!

These are 5 Activities and Crafts that I’ve found  
but haven’t had time to try them out yet, but want to make sure I do them.
[my very high-tech way of bookmarking them]

[1] Textured Cardboard Road : A Little Learning for Two 
Anything road related – boys love! And they’d love this simple road too! 
[bumpy roads are even more fun, if you didn’t already know]

[2] Spring Nature Tray : Little Wonders Days 
I’m loving fingerprint designs! And this one brings spring closer… 
once I get Henry to paint without smearing, we’re trying this.

[3] Junk Mailbox : Little Family Fun 
This is a great idea – every toddler/kid loves getting mail.
Once we get the right box, we’re making one!

[4]  Balloon Yo-Yos : Irresistable Ideas for Play Based Learning 
I am so itching to get outside after seeing this!

[5] Sandpaper Craft : Polwig.com 

Definitely like no mess ways to be creative.
Little ones would love the textures!

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- Henry is about 34 months -

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