High Five! number 7


High Five! 
to This Week’s 5 Hands On Finds!
These are 5 Activities and Crafts that I’ve found  
but haven’t had time to try them out yet, but want to make sure I do them.
[my very high-tech way of bookmarking them]
A lot of movement and large scale ideas 
in this week’s finds!
Where’d these finds come from?
The following blogs that are full of hands on finds!
[Be sure to give them a High Five! and check out their blogs and leave a comment.]

[1] Let ‘em Roll : Moving Smart 

Anything that burns off excess energy is a thumbs up in my book!
Drop and roll!
[2] Activity Course : Messy Kids 

I’ve been wanting to put one of these together for a while now, just haven’t had the ideas yet.
[3] Large Handprint Rainbow : Rockabye Butterfly 

I love the size of this rainbow!
[4]  River of Colors : Let the Children Play 

Taking art outside!
I can see Henry watching it go down the drain too.

[5] Green Fizzy Fun : I can teach my child! 

This is a definite thumbs up from Henry.
He loved it when we cleaned coins – making it green would be all the better!

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- Henry is about 35 months -


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  1. jenny @ let the children play says

    Thanks for the link love :) You have a lovely blog – look forward to reading more of your posts.

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