Henry vs George [0-6 months]

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I thought it would be a great way to capture the memories of the boys by putting them side by side. I do not mean to compare my children and say one is better than the other. But who doesn’t look back at what their first child did when their second child just did the same thing?

When the boys were born, they looked identical. Over the course of the last 6 months, George has changed into his own self and not a Henry clone.
Here are a few pictures and stats of Henry and George.
Henry on the left : George on the right
At the Hospital
Henry : 6 lb 11 oz, 19 inches
George : 7 lb 3 oz, 20 inches
First Days at Home
Henry rolled over a couple times at 1 week old front to back.

1 month
George first smiled at 6 weeks.
Henry smiled and started ‘talking’ at 7 weeks.
2 months
Henry : 11 lbs 5 oz, 23.5 inches
George : 13 lbs 4 oz, 23 inches
Henry laughed for Dad on Father’s Day at 2 months.
Henry was doing push ups easily by 2 months.
3 months
George caught his first cold at 3 months.
George first laughed a good laugh at 3.5 months
Henry had his first overnight stay with Grandma and Grandpa at 3.5 months.
Henry at his first solids at 3.5 months.
4 months
Henry : 15 lbs 5 oz, 25.5 inches
George : 16 lbs 9 oz, 25 inches
George rolled front to back at 4 months.
Henry slept through the night once at 4 months.
George started sleeping through the night (11 hours) at 4.5 months.
Henry rolled back to front at 4.5 months.
George at his first solids at 4.5 months.
George started to get his push ups down at 4.5 months.
5 months
George rolled back to front at 5 months.
Henry sat up on his own at 5.5 months.
6 months
Henry had his first cold at 6 months.
That’s all for now!

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