Happy New Year Hands on Friends!

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Its been so nice to have a little break over the holidays to enjoy some time with my family. I hope you got to do the same!

I did enjoy some time over on Google+ this past couple of weeks. Its been fun meeting new people there and joining in communities to discuss topics we’re passionate about. If you’d like, you can join my community over there for Hands on Mom Tips! We’re just discussing hands on ideas, tips, and tricks that we have and I’d love to have you join us!

Back on the blog, I’m finally getting back into the routine of doing regular activities with the kids again and posting about them! Its been slow the last couple of months since Louis was born. But we’re back at it. (Scroll down, Louis is 2 months old already!)

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Our latest hands on activities include:

  • A box train made after the holiday packaging invaded our house. The boys took their time and put a lot of thought into making this train!
  • I celebrated the new year with over a hundred other bloggers sharing their best kids activities from 2012! Do you now what was my best post? If you’ve got a toddler, you’ll love it!
  • I reposted over the break about an activity I did a couple years ago with Henry. A marshmallow snowman! It was a great way to start being hands on with him. He did awesome!
  • Growing a Jeweled Rose also guest posted this week about Messy Play. Nope, not about getting messy, but about how to keep messy play clean. She has 10 tips to share!

 Starting Clean in the New Year

I cleaned out my craft cupboard this week. It felt so good to purge!

As I emptied out the cupboard, I set George up next to me to keep him occupied. A large piece of contact paper (sticky side up) taped to the table was the perfect occupier for him!

As I went through the tubs of craft supplies, I handed him all the odds and ends for him to stick as he pleased.

We’ve used contact paper for other creations. But it doesn’t always have to be about making something. Sometimes just exploring with no end intention is more meaningful for the child.


And can you believe it!

The baby is already 2 months old! And he’s sleeping awesome, so I cannot complain. He’s not quite making it all night, but a good 8-9 hours isn’t bad at all! One happy mom here!


He’s got lots of smiles to share, I just can never capture one on camera! Oh well. Someday I’ll get one!

Hope you had a great holiday with your family and friends.

Happy New Year!

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