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A couple of quick announcements this week! (Something new and different, huh?)

I’m teaming up with BabbaCo this month. And I just want to quickly announce that they’re having a giveaway for their Annual BabbaBox Membership! So hop over to their Facebook page and enter really quickly. (Read more about the BabbaBox memberships.)

Also! Yes! Something else super exciting. MeMeTales is hosting an amazing Readathon to get your kids out of the summer slump (aka Summer Slide). Starting June 18, for 6 weeks, there are themes each week to read up on! Some amazing bloggers will be joining the Readathon to spread the word and share with you some activities and whatnot that they do alongside the books they read. On top of all that fun, MeMeTales is donating a meal to send a child to school via FoodForEducation.org. Pretty cool huh? We’re excited about it and would love for you to join in the Readathon! (Catch up on the latest of the Readathon at MeMeTales and be sure to follow #ReadForGood.)

Okay, on to the goods of the week…

kids activities

(clockwise from top-left)

  1. Joining up with Tinkerlab’s Creative Challenge this month… Flowers! We first of all learned what a petal was, then counted petals on the flowers. Compared them too!
  2. On It’s Playtime, I found what was the most liked and clicked through by you, the readers and shared them with you. Because if you haven’t seen them, you really need to! (Shown is an absolutely favorite, water beads, but Fit Kids Clubhouse combined them with plumbing pipes!)
  3. I shared a few of my pregnancy symptoms… one being the munchies! I also get bloody noses, anyone else with me on those?
  4. Going back to the basics I think with a simple threading activity. Creating a necklace with straws and shoestrings.
  5. 40 gross motor activities that will definitely get your kids moving. Because we all have those days where we absolutely need to wear out the kids… but also because it is so good for them.

Books we’re reading this week (affiliate links are used in this list):

A couple of things caught my eye this week, and I wanted to be sure they caught yours too:

This artwork that I found from Oh Boy, 4th Grade was done in a classroom and of 40 students, they all go together and all look alike, but all are different. I love the technique done (though it looks like it’s for 3rd or 4th grade, I think it could be adapted to preschool). Scrapbook paper scraps, some sharpie markers and a few letters to spell a word. They just look stunning all hung together. But one would be nice on my wall too!

I also can’t help but share this again. I shared it on Facebook earlier this week, but seriously, it still has me thinking about Henry being an introvert. StartUp Babies goes into the quirks and personality traits of being an introvert and shares a few examples of how to care for an introverted child.

Oh, my boys. My dirty little boys. They have completely dug out my hillside. It all started with the edge of a rock peeking out… and Henry was on a mission to dig it out. Now its just a place for them to rake through, dig in, and just plain get dirty.

Do you have a patch in your lawn that allows for dirty play?

(I wish I had this patch of dirt last year when we were planning for International Mud Day (check out 30 ways to play in dirt!)…. it’s coming up soon this year!)

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