Hands On Update: Experiment, Drawings, & Laundry


Hands on Activities

Our week of activities…  [clockwise from top left]

  1. Both George and Henry enjoyed one of the simplest experiments: Does it Sink or Float?
  2. While Henry drew me his very first drawing, George scribbled away and made his own marks with chalk, too!
  3. We took a look at some drawing activities on It’s Playtime this week. Making your kids drawings into coloring pages is a brilliant idea from Happy Little Messes.
  4. And I’m loving my washer and dryer. Find out why I think its reliable enough for even the kids!


A few books we’re reading this week:


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The latest in getting ready for Baby #3:

George’s room is coming along. Carpet comes in at the end of the month, so we’re under a deadline now to finish up. I’m glad to say my part is done. I’ve painted the room in yellows and orange-brown colors. A grid pattern. I was dreading this the week prior to doing it. How would i go about getting this done? I almost decided to not do it. But I had it in my head. I’ve done horizontal stripes in George’s current room [the baby room] and verticals in Henry’s room…. so I had to move on to the next challenge. A grid. I just had to do it.

And once I got started, it actually wasn’t that bad. Thankfully, my husband is awesome with a level and helped mark everything out for me.

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