Hands on Update: 125 Preschool Activities

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125 Preschool Activities
50 Activities for Preschoolers to Learn the ABCs 35 Activities for Preschooler to Learn to Recognize & Spell Their Name 40 Math Activities for Preschoolers to Learn their Numbers & Count

125+ Preschool Activities this week:

50 activities to learn the alphabet for preschoolers. Recognizing letters, upper and lowercase letters, and letter sounds.

35 name activities for preshoolers to learn to recognize and spell their names.

40 math activities for preschoolers to learn numbers, counting and one to one correspondence.

It’s Playtime!
A preschool class of activities! Math, science, language, fine motor, gross motor, and social activities are all featured! Let’s play!

Is it Time for Shoelaces?
There’s a $25 gift card to Famous Footwear to giveaway. How would you use it? Who for? What kind of shoes would you get?

Posts I want you to definitely read:

  • Is Yelling Worse Than Hitting?, this post by Mommy with Selective Memory really hit home. I haven’t been on my own best behavior with my kids lately and this gave me the kick in the pants to get my act together.
  • Rain Gutter Book Shelves, a tutorial from Raising Olives, is so brilliant for book shelves that the kids can see the books! Bonus: Cheap and Easy.
  • Watercolor Techniques, over 50 ideas are shared by The Artful Parent. There’s a ton there that we haven’t tried yet that I”m excited to give a shot!

What have we been up to?

We had an impromptu supper outside on the picnic table the other night. It was perfect weather (something we’ve been short on this summer with the heat) for it and we capped off the evening with a bike ride with Grandpa.

It couldn’t have gotten much better than that.

Have a picnic!

I mentioned earlier this week on Facebook that I feel like my family is growing up. We’ve traded in our regular walks for bike rides.

What has made you feel like your family is growing up so fast?

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  1. Heidi says

    What a great assortment of activities! We especially enjoy the math activities. We are always looking for ways to incorporate math in what we do each day. My five year old went so far as to clip a tape measure to his pocket and walk around with a notebook in his hand, measuring different things as he was inspired to do so. Totally random, but fun! Thanks for sharing!

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