Our Week of Hands on Activities

Hands on Activities for Kids

  1. Keep the kids busy with a simple activity with ribbons. Go get something done!
  2. Another very simple activity with some newspaper! Throw balls in the house!
  3. A collage of tissue paper on contact paper – cut into a cross just for Easter. A great suncatcher made by both of the boys.
  4. Features on getting creative for Easter. Not just crafts on It’s playtime! Just the fun an play in the party, check out other play ideas!

I took a little break from the blog this weekend, so only a few hands on activities this past week.

The boys played with corn kernels at Grandma’s. Cleanup I think was more fun than playing with it! A shop vac does wonders.


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  1. Emily says

    Just a note, it’s REALLY helpful if you indicate the age of the kids :) toddler can mean SO many things and the difference between a 16month old and a 20month old is huge. Otherwise – great site – thanks for sharing!

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