Hands On Activities: Cleaning Up!

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This week's activities!

This week’s activities! (from top, left to right)

  1. A homemade geoboard that was even made by Henry using push pins and rubberbands!
  2. We’re soothing diaper rashes with some fun bathtime activities. Plus there’s $150 in gift cards that we’re giving away!
  3. Stuck in a creative rut? Try a new way to paint! There’s 50 paint activities, including new tools to use, new methods and some paint recipes too!
  4. A super simple toddler sensory tub that’s also a treasure hunt for George.
  5. A couple activities while being earth-friendly are on It’s Playtime, as well as some fun upcycled crafts to make! (Shown is a natural ice boat from Reading Confetti.) All to go with the Earth-Friendly theme on the Readathon this past week! (This coming week is World Cultures which will be super interesting to see the activities!)
  6. Last year… I shared a few ways that Henry loves to help out around the house. I’m glad I pulled this post up because its a great reminder of what we need to get back to doing!

A few posts that I’d love to pass along to you:

  • Childhood Beckons outdid herself with these kid-friendly jokes! We’re so not joke tellers in our house, I didn’t know a single one of these. They’re hilarious and your kids will be telling them for days!
  • A cleaning post! Have your kids clean the bathroom sink while playing! Vinegar and baking soda play! Brilliant!
  • No Twiddle Twaddle had a little fun teaching the kids about caring for the Earth by littering in the yard first! A little reverse psychology?

Clean up has moved to working areas…

In keeping with the ‘clean’ theme this week, the boys of the house have been working hard on the new room for George. Sheet rock is up and ready to mud. Henry and George are great helpers with measuring and cleaning up. Henry rocks the shop vac!

Cleaning up!

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