Halloween Crafts & Activities

We have a lot of fun with Halloween around here. Halloween doesn't have to be all spooky, it can be lots of fun and playful!

Start with 12 Halloween Activities for kids and browse below for all our Halloween crafts and activities!

Be sure to also check out all the fun we have in the fall season!

Halloween doesn't have to be all spooky, it can be lots of fun and playful with these Halloween activities for kids.

Popular Halloween crafts and activities for kids can be found in the list below, these are a great place to start!

ghost-crafts-kids-make Sticky Spider Web Activity Pumpkin mummies 14 Spooky Monster Crafts for kids to make for Halloween
15 Friendly Ghost
Crafts for Kids
Sticky Spider Web Mummy Pumpkins 14 Monster Crafts &
Activities for Kids
beaded-spider-2 12-halloween-activities-for-001 40 pumpkin activities - lots of things for kids to with pumpkins A spiral ghost craft for kids to make for Halloween
Beaded Spider 12 Halloween Activities 
for Kids
40 Pumpkin Activities
for Kids
Spiral Ghost Craft

Find the most recent Halloween crafts and activities for kids below.


A Halloween Alphabet with Skeleton Bones

Build and make a Halloween alphabet without writing! Instead use ‘skeleton bones’ to make the alphabet and words! Make every letter of the alphabet!

Light up ghost craft for kids to make for Halloween

Light Up Ghost Craft for Halloween

Make a light up ghost, or two, this Halloween with the kids! A simple Halloween craft for kids to make that reuses a plastic bottle to light up as a ghost!


Halloween Reading Fort Pajama Party

Make this simple Halloween reading fort for a Halloween themed pajama party with the kids! Do it at night with a flashlight for so much fun!