Halloween… then onto Fall Activities!


Hands on activities

A couple weeks of hands on activities! [above from top, left to right]

  • Make some odd pumpkins into monsters for Halloween! We added zits, eyes and hair. What would you add to make it a monster?
  • Kid-sized scarecrows are super simple to make, reuse some worn out kid clothes! A great guest post from Sugarsnips.
  • For a Halloween party, or for trick or treating, make some monster treat bags!
  • 6 fine motor skills were featured on It’s Playtime [a couple weeks ago!], and play dough is an awesome finger worker. I love these pumpkin faces that Learners in Bloom made!
  • And this week’s It’s Playtime party was all about monsters for kids! 10 monsters were featured. Little Wonders’ Days made a game of designing a spider!
  • Henry took snacks to school this week and made these little gingerbread boys into mummies! He’s the future baker for sure!
  • A little something from the archives… Why routines are important for kids. The Intentional Parent shares her thoughts with me.
  • And finally, 12 Halloween Activities that we’ve done to keep you busy this weekend! There’s also 60 more that have been featured on hands on : as we grow that you’ll definitely want to check out!


A couple books that we’ve been reading, that I realized are actually Halloween books!


A quick peek at an activity for next week. Go collect a few leaves!

Leaf Activity


Just awaiting for baby to arrive now. Any day!

[Expect there to be a little bit of quietness after its arrived!]

Have you entered your guess for the baby contest yet?



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