Halloween Craft: Spooky Treat Holders (A Candy Bag Alternative)

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Please welcome Dusti, my sister-in-law. She’s posted here before (remember the awesome DIY Yarn Wrapped Wreath?), but now she has her own blog too! Check out Antidotes for Mom. She’s a real stay at home mom, with real struggles, and she’s going to change that by counteracting the poison, one day at a time!

Dusti’s volunteering her own craftiness to share with you today. She’s showing you how to make your own homemade treat holders for Halloween with the kids! It’s a quick kids craft that even your toddler can help with!

Happy Halloween! Well, almost. The grocery stores and crafts stores (and everywhere else in between) seem to think it’s tomorrow! We’ve had two rainy/cold days here in the desert. These days are rare and for me a delight! I LOVE fall.

I was able to take advantage of these days with the kids and decided to make Candy Corn and other Halloween Treat Holders. Really, these can be made for ANY season, holiday, event. But, since Halloween is coming up, I figured we’d do these for this holiday.

Spooky Treat Holders/Candy Bags Halloween Craft for Kids

What you need to make these Halloween Treat Holders:

  • Toilet Paper Rolls, Paper Towel Rolls, or even Wrapping Paper Rolls
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick for crafts
  • Treat Bags (affiliate link)
  • Crepe Paper, Tissue Paper, and/or construction Paper
  • Googly Eyes (affiliate link)
  • Twisty Ties or Pipe Cleaners
  • Markers, Paints

Candy Corn Treat Holder or Candy Bag for Halloween

The first part of this, unless you have an older helper, needs to be done by Mom.

Take your treat sacks and cut them in half.

Then using glue, glue the treat sacks to each end of the toilet paper roll. This is so you can wrap them up at the end and tie the ends off!

Next, measure out about 1 yard of crepe paper (if you’re wrapping in one color) to wrap your roll. (If you’re using construction paper, just measure out enough to wrap the toilet paper roll. If using tissue paper, cut a few strips to glue to cover the roll.)

I did an example Candy Corn Candy Holder for my son to watch, first, to get the idea of what we were doing. Wrap, and glue.

Mummy Treat Holder of Candy Bag for Halloween

A Mummy Halloween Treat Holder:

When my son (he’s almost 3) did this, I started the white crepe paper for him (I glued the first pieces on) and then after I did mine, I found the easiest way for him to do his was to actually roll the ‘roll. I would have him occasionally stop so we could put glue on to keep the paper on, and then let him continue to roll. He REALLY enjoyed the glue stick!

After we had sealed up the end, I let him pick out the googly eyes he wanted, which of course were the LARGE ones. Googly eyes make every “mummy” cool.

Monster Treat Holder or Candy Bag for Halloween

A Monster Halloween Treat Holder:

Then we set that one aside, and did one in blue, to be a Monster! After gluing and wrapping this one, I let my son loose with the eyes and the glue and asked him to place them all over! That one is his FAVORITE!

To Finish the Halloween Treat Holders:

I took pipe cleaners that matched colors with the holders and cut them and tied them on the holders. Fill with candy or treats and you’re all set.

Spooky Treat Holders/Candy Bags Halloween Craft for Kids

Until Halloween, they’re cute bowl decorations to have at the house, and it’s a cheap way to hand out candy. Instead of getting the expensive candy bars, we can get little candies and fill these up. I think this will help money wise to go a little further, and it takes more effort to break into these than to sneakily walk by and eat candy! Win-Win!

If you start now, by Halloween, you can easily have a lot of these done for treats or gifts or just decorations. We go through a lot of paper towels and toilet paper, so it’s nice to upcycle these items.

We also wrapped one in just white paper, and let the kids decorate with markers and eyes and whatever else they wanted to do. Once they understand what it is they’re making, the kids really get on board with the craft. We’re in the process of making a Frankenstein one as well. It’s kind of ongoing rainy day craft.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this, and can enjoy this with your children! Happy Halloween!

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