Gross Motor Activity for a Rainy Day: Walking on Pillows

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I’m almost embarrassed to post this gross motor activity…. it seems too simple to warrant a post. But with that said, it was super duper fun and had George moving all morning long! And its perfect for those days you’re stuck indoors, when its cold or rainy. (Hey, its Iowa here and spring has taken a long time to really show itself!)

You have everything it takes to do this activity, I promise.

What can couch cushions become? We’ve done a few things in the past, and forts are always made with the couch cushions.

This time… we got moving!

Gather all the pillows and cushions you have. The more the merrier!

Gross Motor Activity for a Rainy Day: Walking on Pillows

Then line them all up in a row.

And that’s it.

Walking on Pillows

Now… I had George try to get from one end of the pillows to the other. It seemed so simple and a funny thing for me to ask him to do.

Walking on pillows

But it proved to be a huge challenge!

Walking on pillows was tough to do! I did it with him too (I shared a bunch of activities to do with the kids outside, but this is a good one to do with them inside too!), it was tough to do! But especially tough for a toddler still trying to figure out and strengthen gross motor skills.

Walking on pillows

Up the game by spreading the pillows apart and make it about jumping from island to island!

I admit… It was a little tough to just let go and let him try to do it and not worry about him getting hurt. I guess if you’re worried about that, put down more cushions and pillows! George is pretty tough and doesn’t usually get bothered when he falls down and gets completely bumped up!

Oh… A gross motor activity so funny and fun to do!

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  1. Holly McCormick says

    We just did this & let the kids bounce on the inside part of the couch, they kept calling in there bouncy house, i was embarassed also to tell anyone we did it as well

  2. Sara says

    why be embarrassed? the best time with your kids are when you get to be kids also! if they see you having fun, they will be more excited to do it! i’m jealous I didn’t think of this! i’m ready for naptime to be over so we can pillow hop!

  3. [email protected] says

    Such a cutie! He doesn’t seem to be bothered by the fall in the last picture – he seems to be having fun. Great idea – I like the idea of jumping from island to island – maybe for kids that are a little older.

  4. Nikki says

    Hey… We’ve been doing this for a few months now. My son is now 2.7yrs.

    Wat I do is alternate cushions of different shapes with foam puzzle mats (d big size ones). Then we sound d whistle, catch a football/basketball between our feet and imitate an animal while crossing it – kangaroo, bunny, frog, duck. At d end is a treat (fruit, biscuits, anything) pick it up and run back to d first cushion.

    Like an obstacle race. Sometimes I use d alphabet mats between d cushions, so there is fun in jumping up and down, learning to balance with or without the ball.

    I think I m going to keep this as pet game for the upcoming birthdays.

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