Meet GoldieBlox! Blocks Just for Girls!


I have three boys that just love to build with blocks.

The creations they make is incredible to me, their imaginations soar when they’re building. And then they play with it for hours afterwards (or until their little brother may knock it down).

Blocks are so open-ended that we’ve done many activities with them, they’re incredible for learning opportunities!

When I was a little girl, I remember playing with blocks just like they do. I have two brothers, so I was always surrounded with these ‘boy toys’. And I was never the girly girl, so it never bothered me to play with a boy’s toy.

But, honestly, most blocks you see on the market are geared for boys. You see red, yellow, blue and green blocks all the time. You see blocks to make helicopters, cars, trucks and more like that.

So, do the girls get left out?

What do you think? I was incredibly excited to be introduced to our sponsor, GoldieBlox!

GoldieBlox and the Parade Float

Blocks for girls!

Yeah, yeah, they’re pink and purple. So what?

These were created by a young woman engineer, Debbie Sterling. A rare woman since only 11% of engineers are women.She has researched and researched how to get girls more involved in her field of work.

Like so many girls, Debbie Sterling was born an engineer…she just didn’t know it.

She’s working to inspire the next generation of female engineers through GoldieBlox – a construction toy that marries storytelling with engineering, and opens the world of STEM to girls ages 5 and up.

Watch the video to learn about the inspiration for GoldieBlox and the impact it’s making on girls and their families.

Debbie is one of the newest members of #PassionProject, an American Express ® program designed to enable, inspire and encourage people to pursue their passion projects.

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GoldieBlox offers little girls an engineering role model who is smart, curious, accessible and feminine. They’re blocks that come with a story to help young girls develop spatial skills, understand basic engineering principles and build self-confidence in problem solving. As young girls internalize and learn more effectively through storytelling, GoldieBlox marries the story of Goldie, the girl inventor who loves to build, with a construction kit.

Its absolutely adorable, and even my boys absolutely loved them!

Goldieblox - Blocks for Girls (boys too!) to build with

George followed right along with the story and built the parade float with GoldieBlox and the Parade Float. He’s three, so we did it together. He loved being able to see what he was building in the story!

Goldieblox Building Blocks for Girls (and boys love them too!)

Henry jumped right, without the need of the story and just looked at the pictures at the end of the story to see what else he could make. This could be a core difference between boys and girls, I don’t know.

Goldieblox Building Blocks for Girls (and boys!)

Henry and George even worked together (shocking!) to see what they could come up with!

Building with GoldieBlox together

I am just astounded at this product, I love the story concept and I’m right with Debbie and hope that more young girls will become interested in building and constructing, because it opens up so many more possibilities!

GoldieBlox launched on Kickstarter in the fall of 2012 with the goal of raising $150,000 to fund production. Within four days, the goal had been met. Amazing! In 30 days, over 5,000 supporters had contributed more than $285,000. Less than a year later, GoldieBlox made its way from Kickstarter to the aisles of America’s largest toy retailer, Toys “R”Us.

You can find more GoldieBlox products on their website. I’m excited to see what new products will be hitting the shelves in the coming year too!

How will GoldieBlox inspire a young girl in your life?

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This post has been graciously sponsored by GoldieBlox.

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  1. Martha A says

    I love story and problem solving puzzles together–I cannot wait to see not only how my daughter solves the existing stories, but grows into writing and developing her own.

  2. Adrianne B says

    My daughter is already very inspired by the GoldieBlox video “Girls”. I think the building and engineering materials would interest her because they look like something she’d like. She also liked watching the GoldieBlox video How-To’s that demonstrate how to build particular elements.

  3. Kellie Christensen says

    I have always been a goer and a doer and I love trying new things, not necessarily just “girly stuff” either. I do love all things crafts, but I love woodworking and I hope to see my nieces love to do whatever inspires them as well.

  4. Lentil says

    We want to inspire my daughter towards inventive play — as in inventing, being an engineer! She’s very creative on a story level, we want her to know “she can build that!”

  5. says

    GoldieBlox would be phenomenal in the 4th grade class I am aiding in. If only every classroom had a set for their girls (and boys!)

  6. Michelle says

    So glad there are now toys aimed at girls to promote engineering skills! This will inspire my daughter to use her ingenuity and creativity, and to be learning while she just thinks she’s playing!

  7. Shannon Slaughter says

    I teach at a preschool and fully agree that the blocks are geared towards boys. Thankfully the girls love to play with them too, but why not give them something they would absolutely love! My daughter would enjoy these as well…

  8. Alicia Sparks says

    I love the idea of Goldiblox… I just bought the first Goldiblox set for my nieces. They are 5 and 6, and are well on their way to becoming electrical engineers, like their daddy. They play with circuits and wires and soldering irons already. These types of toys, like Goldiblox toys, will inspire their creativity in ways that Barbies never will. I would love to give them the second Goldiblox set.

  9. cindy says

    I just ordered these for my grand-daughters – can’t wait for Christmas so I can play with them!

  10. LuAnn says

    My 4 year old granddaughter loves to explore and build with every medium put in front of her. She is enthusiastic and energetic and so inquisitive. I have looked at these products recently and been inspired to have her explore the Goldieblox products! Hope I win to give to Kahlan!

  11. Alison says

    I’m all about exposing my son to “girl” colors as much as exposing girls to “boy” things. I think this is a great gift for either gender!