Fudoo Boards : Eat! Drink! Move! Think!

Fudoo Boards really does make it simple to lead a healthy lifestyle,
and its especially fun for kids and preschoolers!
[I'd have fun with it myself, as the mom!]

Fudoo Boards : Healthy Habits

If you haven’t had the chance, check out the new sponsor on the blog, Fudoo Boards!
Fudoo Boards provide an exciting way for even your preschooler to track their eating habits and instills a healthy eating as well as a healthy lifestyle.
The boards are double-sided. 
On one side its all about Eat! Drink! 
Fudoo Boards : Healthy Habits
Its an interactive way to learn about the number of appropriate servings.
Magnets are provided to keep track of your daily intake! 
The other side of the Fudoo Board is focused on Move! Think!
Fudoo Boards : Healthy Habits
Plan out your day with the board and get moving and thinking!
Plenty of healthy activity ideas are available on the website – ideas for every month!
To learn more about how to interact with Fudoo Boards and get the most out of them – visit the How To Manual that is full of valuable information, from serving sizes to activity suggestions.
Ever heard of the it taking a month to instill good habits? Here’s a guide to help instill good healthy habits in 30 days.
Take a moment to head over to Fudoo Boards and not only check out the boards, but learn about leading a healthy lifestyle yourself!
jamie @ hands on : as we grow
– Henry is 3 years old –
– George is 8 months old –

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