Food Tracks & Layered Play Dough

Making tracks with trucks and tractors in Play Doh is nothing new in this house.
Instead of vehicles, today we tried food!
[play food]
Craters made from grapes!
Corn on the Cob made nice rows.
And a fork?
It makes for a great tool to tear it all up!
 While Henry was exploring the prints food can make,
I was dinking around creating Layered Play Doh Art!
[warning : if you have an OCD do not want colors to mix, do NOT do this!]
I started it…
but once Henry saw what I was doing
…he needed to finish it!
I gave him a chunk of Play Doh in the color he requested
and he forced layered it on top,
smushing all the colors together.
 I thought this could be fun Art to keep around
[I had a lid for the container we used, it wouldn’t have dried out].
But where is the fun in that?
Let the excavating begin!
With his food tools at hand : Henry dug his way to the bottom.
Sometimes digging didn’t work.
Maybe it could pour out?
Henry hauled his findings to me.
[Using a dump truck, of course]
This is where I sat…
nit-picking at the colors, trying to divide them back up…
Some colors got a new hue.
The orange is now slightly grayed.
The green has an eerily dark hue to it.
 … had no hope of being divided.
[though very pretty!]
 The ball became Henry’s to do as he pleased.

At least its fitting for it to be a field.
[did I mention that Play Doh held Henry’s attention for the entire day today?
We did the above activity for about 3 hours in the morning – after nap, it continued until supper!]

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- Henry is 3 years (or quickly getting there!) -


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  1. Jill @ A Mom With A Lesson Plan says

    3 hours?!?!? I love those activities. I try to give the kids new play dough, but 15 minutes in they are always asking for their faves. Big M wants his construction trucks and Little M wants her tea set.

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