Foam Monster Treat Bags

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Foam Monster Treat Bags

Monsters come in all shapes and sizes! That’s what’s awesome about them. They can be absolutely anything. (Perfect for little kids to make!)

A square could be a face, or a flower can! It doesn’t matter at all.

We made these foam monsters at Grandma’s using Creatology’s Foam Platters.

Foamies Party Platters from Michaels #foamcraft

And added in googly eyes and feathers or pipe cleaners, and the monsters are kicked up a notch! (All from the Creatology line found at Michaels.)

George loved the small foam stickers from the platters and worked hard to get them off himself.

Making Monsters

We created them both on and off the paper bags. We just used paper bags from the bakery because they’re readily available to us. But you could use any number of treat bags (affiliate link) that are a little more colorful if you’d like. (Or add to the fun activity by decorating the bags first!)

My mom and I did a lot of the monster creations, and attached them to the bags using the Creatology adhesive glue dots so it instantly stuck (as opposed to using school glue that would take a while to dry).

Its simple to make your foam monster treat bags:

  1. Design your monster, or decide that as you go!
  2. Attach them together using the self-adhesive foam stickers, or add glue dots (or glue) to attach them.
  3. Attach them to the treat bag!
  4. Fill your treat bag with goodies!

Foam Monster Treat Bags

Last Halloween, we made some monsters from yarn and glue, too! Like I said, a monster can be anything, which is perfect for kids to make. Let their imaginations run wild and see what they come up with!

Henry has been extra careful with his monster that he created. He keeps telling me its Blue Dog’s monster and tells me how much Blue Dog likes it.

We’ll be using our bags for Halloween trick-or-treating, but they’d make a great addition to a Halloween Party to send home party favors in! And this would also be a great activity to do during a Halloween Party! Antidotes for Mom guest posted with spooky treat holders that would go great with these for a party!

Foam Monster Treat Bags

Crafts By Amanda also made some glitter foam monsters using these Creatology foam platters. Hers are adorably cute, errr, I mean scary! Check them out for more monster inspiration!

Last month we used these same foamies for a birthday activity for George. It’s awesome that they’re so versatile and can be reused like that!

Michaels has an insane amount of crafty supplies as you probably know, but their selection for kids craft supplies is pretty extensive as well. Keep updated with the awesome Creatology line at Michaels and Darice:

Disclosure: I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Michaels and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are my own.

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    • Jamie says

      Thanks Suja! I think it would be a great Halloween activity — with the bonus of them being able to fill it up! I just wish we were having a Halloween party to do it! So trick or treating will have to suffice this year.

    • Jamie says

      ha ha! I’d love to see how you’re a Monster Mommy :) The concept of a monster is so awesome, I never really realized it until we made these, but they pretty much need just an eye somewhere on it and it looks like a monster! Whatever else there is, it doesn’t matter!

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