Fly a Homemade and Recycled Kite!

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Fly a homemade Kite!

Fly a kite today! 

Run in the backyard or take it to the park. All you need it some string, a plastic grocery bag (one preferably without holes, which may or may not be hard to find), and a rubber band for extra assurance that it won’t fly away.

I tied string to both handles of the bag. One long for the string of the kite and one short, just to reach to the other string.

Make your own homemade kite

I tied the rubber band onto the end of the long string of the kite to act as a bracelet so the kids could wear it without losing the kite behind them.

Go run!

The kite didn’t get very high, it wasn’t a very windy day. But it floated nicely behind Henry as he ran around the backyard.

Fly a recycled homemade kite

Confession: This wasn’t a ‘huge hit’ of an activity. Henry ran for a little while with it and quit. Then later in the day asked to do it again and did the same, just a short amount of time. He asked for it a few times over the course of a few days, but not an activity that held his attention for a long period of time. I hope you’ll have better luck with that than we did. I think we had too many distractions.

I’m glad we did it though, it’s a great energy buster (even if it is in small spurts) and promotes the use of toys in recyclables (check out our ideas for upcycling your recyclables). Mama Smiles provided us with this homemade parachute inspiration.

We have yet to buy a kite for the boys. But I love the classic-looking kites like this one (affiliate link) on Amazon.

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    I don’t think a plastic bag is best idea for a child’s toy. I understand they would be supervised, but plastic bags are not safe toys for all children. They may think its okay to do while Mommy isn’t around. Other than that you have a very nice site here :) Maybe put a disclaimer up or something with appropriate age groups?

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