Fine Motor Activity with Drawer Knobs & Screws

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Another toddler busy play activity!

I’ve been after my husband for some nuts and bolts. I know he has a bunch somewhere (he saves absolutely everything, I’m sure he has a stash!). I decided to take a look for some myself and while doing so, George happened to find these drawer knobs with their screws!

That would work just the same as the nuts and bolts!

This was great to watch George do! But I could’ve left and got something done as it kept him busy for quite some time while Henry was at preschool.

It did more than just keep him busy though, it was great to enhance his fine motor skills! He’s always done well with the little things, but I liked the idea that he had to use force to push the screw in as he turned it.

And there was also the trial and error of finding out which way to turn the screws.

Toddler Fine Motor Activity with Knobs & Screws

Nuts and bolts.

Drawer knobs with screws.

What else can we do this with?

What else will we find in Dad’s junk to play with?

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    Love this idea! Going to try it, for sure.

    My son Tommy is now 2 1/2, and he loves using things from Daddy’s toolbox. He has had good fun playing with paintbrushes and water on the cement floor, as well as a hammer and long nails into the hard dirt outside. He has play toys as well, but I prefer for him to learn about the heft, weight, and relative “danger” of real tools, under full supervision.

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