Fine Motor Activities for Kids

Fine Motor Activities for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. But don't forget to get moving first. Gross motor development should come before fine motor. The larger muscles need to aide the smaller muscles used in fine motor activities!

I find fine motor activities to be great busy play activities as well. Check out our favorite way to keep kids busy before dinner.

Lots of fine motor activities for kids

Remember to build the kids' gross motor skills before working with fine motor activities!

Popular fine motor activities for kids can be found in the list below, these are a great place to start!

fine-motor-activities Activities for Fine Motor Skills This activity is a great way to keep kids busy - just rubber bands and a soup can from the pantry! fine motor play with pom poms for toddlers
32 Objects to Strengthen Fine Motor Skills 30 Material & Activities to Promote Fine Motor Skills Rubber Band Activity to Keep Kids Busy Pom Pom Activity
Simple Straw-Threaded Shoestring Necklace (1) things-to-do-with-play-dough rp_egg-carton-train-fine-motor-practice-433x650.png pom-pom-fine-motor-transfer
Simple Straw Necklace 34 Things to do with Play Dough Egg Carton Train Pom Pom 'Claw Machine'

Find the most recent fine motor activities for kids below.


Decorating Pancakes Easter Egg Style

Decorating pancakes will be fun for the kids to make them look like Easter eggs! A fun breakfast idea for Easter morning and works on fine motor skills.