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Remember a couple of years ago? You’ve been with me that long, right? Well, if you haven’t, a couple years ago, Henry and I did an activity with blocks.

I taped a couple large squares on the floor and Henry filled it up with blocks.

We used our Imaginarium block set (an affiliate link to help support hands on : as we grow) that has small blocks (think 1 inch cubes) and some odd shapes too, so it did actually take Henry a lot of thought to fill it up completely.

I did that activity again with George this time. This time we used our new set of blocks from Melissa and Doug (another affiliate link, thanks!). They’re unit blocks and much larger.

I decided to try it again with George after reading a post about a rectangle on What Do We Do All Day? It just made me want to tape a rectangle on our floor to see what would happen that day!


I do that a lot, tape lines of tape, or roads of tape, with no specific activity in mind, just to see what might happen that day. It’s fun to see what the boys comes up with… and what they ignore.

The larger blocks made the shape much easier to fill in than when I remember Henry doing it.


It was very interesting to watch George do it.

He was very particular the order of blocks.


He started out with a specific system he had in mind. If I suggested a block, I was turned down immediately.

Of course, by the end when he had smaller spaces left, he just found a block that would fit.


After he successfully filled the tape shape with blocks, he decided to build towers, but keep it constricted in the tape.


How can we not have fun with blocks and tape? I think they’re my two favorite supplies for activities. Seriously.

More tape and block fun:

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