Explore Textures on an Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

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We went on a scavenger hunt as a backyard exploration. We’ve done outdoor scavenger hunts quite a bit. This time we made it a learning experienc as well as a way to explore our backyard in a different way. This time we set out in our backyard to explore textures.

We’ve done color scavenger hunts in the past, so I wanted to try out a new way to explore our backyard and really get the kids to closely examine their own backyard.

Another fun way to do a nature scavenger hunt like this is to make it into a nature walk scavenger hunt that incorporates counting for preschoolers!

And that’s how I realized that looking for textures would not only be a great way to the boys to really focus on objects found in nature, but also a great sensory exploration.

Go on a scavenger hunt for textures

Textures are pretty open to interpretation, so for each texture, I asked Henry to describe what made it that texture.

Some textures that we looked for included:

  • Smooth
  • Rough
  • Hard
  • Soft
  • Fuzzy
  • Pokey (or prickly)

Exploring the backyard for textures

I started by telling the boys a texture to look for.

Henry would find something, sometimes he’d need a couple examples first (I tried giving him examples of the texture with an object that wasn’t available in our backyard so I he’d still have to come up with it himself).

George would then tag along and go find the same thing as Henry did. Even still, he’s learning about what the textures are, even if he copied his big brother.

Explore textures on an outdoor scavenger hunt

After I gave them a few textures, Henry then took the lead and said he wanted to decide on the texture we’d hunt for next. The first one was Flat. Not quite a texture, but we still hunted for it!

Textures have quite a fine line in what can be described as a texture characteristic, instead of a shape. We weren’t too picky though and just went with the flow to make it a fun way to get moving and exploring in our own backyard.

Explore textures on an outdoor scavenger hunt for kids

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