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I couldn’t stop at just activities for boys, so this is a collection of the best places to find everything for boys on Pinterest.

I couldn’t leave out fun things like boy clothes and birthday party ideas for boys!

The majority of these Pinterest boards are focused on different areas of activities that boys just love to take part in!

I have three boys.

Three very boy-y boys. They are the very much stereotypical boys.

They love all things cars and trucks, blocks and legos, mud and dirt.

Playing in the mud, 25 Pinterest boards with everything for boys

They’ve grown up around farmers. Both grandpas are farmers. They sit in real tractors, semis, and combines on a regular basis.

My boys work with real tools on a regular basis. Dad is a very handy guy and refuses to hire anything out, so he does all the fixing. The boys are always right by his side. And they know what the level is, pliers, and so on.

I’m not saying that girls don’t. And I’m not saying that they don’t like other things that could be labeled for girls. That’s not what this is about.

Though they do scoff at the colors pink and purple and won’t touch a doll for the life of them.

That’s not what this list is about.

This is a list of my favorite kind of Pinterest boards.

They’re my favorite because this is what I lean toward when finding activities for  my boys to do. The very stereotypical kind of boys that they are.

These Pinterest boards I collected are specifically curated with the stereotypical boy in mind.

Everything for boys! 25 Pinterest boards for everything boy related

I first made a quick list of all things that I think of when I think of boys. This is what I quickly jotted down and I’d love for you to add to it in the comments:

What do you think of when you think ‘BOY’?

  • Blocks (Legos)
  • Balls
  • Cars, Trucks, Planes, Trains… anything with wheels or with a motor of some sort.
  • Mud, Dirt, Sandbox
  • Dinosaurs
  • Robots
  • Pirates
  • Bugs and Insects
  • Sports
  • Construction Sites
  • Farming
  • Science Experiments
  • Firefighters, and other pretend play
  • Lots of energy, run run run!

So that’s what I looked for when I found these awesome Pinterest boards that includes a little bit of everything for boys.

By the way, here’s a list of 25 toddler Pinterest boards if you’ve got a fun toddler on your hands!

14 Pinterest boards for activities for all things BOY:

1. Blocks of Fun!, a board curated by myself, hands on : as we grow Follow Jamie Reimer’s board Blocks of Fun! on Pinterest.

2. Lego Learning and Fun, a board curated by A Mom with a Lesson Plan Follow amomwithalessonplan (Jillian) Riley’s board Lego Learning and Fun on Pinterest.

3. Balls, a board curated by Teach Preschool Follow Deborah @ Teach Preschool’s board Balls on Pinterest.

4. Cars and Trucks and Things that Go, a board curated by The Pleasantest Thing Follow Carolyn { Pleasantest Thing }’s board Cars and Trucks and Things that Go on Pinterest.

5. Trains, a board curated by Inspiration Laboratories Follow Trisha | Inspiration Laboratories’s board Trains on Pinterest.

6. Time to Get Dirty, a board curated by myself, hands on : as we grow Follow Jamie Reimer’s board Time to Get Dirty on Pinterest.

7. Dinosaurs, a board curated by Play 2 Learn with Sarah Follow Play 2 Learn with Sarah’s board Dinosaurs on Pinterest.

8. Robots, a board curated by 3Dinosaurs.com Follow Cassie Osborne (3Dinosaurs.com)’s board robots on Pinterest.

9. Pirates, a board curated by And Next Comes L Follow Dyan (And Next Comes L)’s board Pirates on Pinterest.

10. Teach: Construction Theme, a board curated by Stir the Wonder Follow Samantha @Stir the Wonder’s board Teach: Construction Theme on Pinterest.

11. Farm Activities, a board curated by This Reading Mama Follow This Reading Mama’s board Farm Activities on Pinterest.

12. Experiment, Predict, Observe, a board curated by myself, hands on : as we grow Follow Jamie Reimer’s board Experiment, Predict, Observe on Pinterest.

13. Get the Kids Moving!, a board curated by myself, hands on : as we grow Follow Jamie Reimer’s board Get the Kids Moving! on Pinterest.

14. Activities for Bigger Boys (age 8+), a board curated by Frugal Fun 4 Boys Follow Sarah @ Frugal Fun for Boys’s board Activities for Bigger Boys (age 8+) on Pinterest.

 7 Pinterest boards that are more than just activities for boys:

15. Raising Boys Who Rock the Word, a collaborative board created by TeachMama Follow amy mascott @teachmama’s board raising boys who rock the world on Pinterest.

16. Easy DIY Costumes for Boys, a board curated by Inner Child Fun Follow Inner Child Fun Kids Crafts’s board Easy DIY Costumes for Boys on Pinterest.

17. Books for Boys, a board curated by Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts Follow Stacey (Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts)’s board Books For Boys on Pinterest.

18.  Boy Birthday Party Ideas, a board curated by Parties for Pennies Follow Parties for Pennies’s board Boy Birthday Party Ideas on Pinterest.

19. Boys’ Fashion, a board curated by Working Mother Follow Working Mother’s board Boys’ Fashion on Pinterest.

20. Boys & Their Toys, a board curated by Spaceships and Laser BeamsFollow Spaceships and Laser Beams’s board Boys & Their Toys on Pinterest.

21. Sons Quotes, a board curated by Quotes Gratitude Follow QuotesGratitude.com’s board Sons Quotes on Pinterest.

 4 More Pinterest boards, just everything for boys in general:

22. For the BOYS! a board curated by myself, hands on : as we grow Follow Jamie Reimer’s board For the BOYS! on Pinterest.

23. All Things Boy, a board curated by Holly Homer Follow Holly Homer’s board All Things BOY on Pinterest.

24. For the Boys, a board curated by Foodie with Family Follow Foodie with Family’s Rebecca Lindamood’s board For the boys! on Pinterest.

25. The Boys Would Love This, a board curated by Ma Nouvelle Mode Follow Ma Nouvelle Mode’s board The boys would love this on Pinterest.

Do you have a favorite board on Pinterest dedicated to Boys?

Please share in the comments! I’d love to make sure I’m following!

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  1. says

    Hi Jamie,
    Can’t thank you enough for this post. I was looking for boy boards to follow and you just made my job a lot easier by linking to some really great ones. I am a newish blogger and blog about boys learning. Here are my boards there are a lot of boy ones so I wasn’t sure which link to put here–hope you all find something you would enjoy following. http://www.pinterest.com/brainpowerboy/ Thanks for letting us provide a link that was very thoughtful of you :)

    • Jamie Reimer says

      Fantastic Sheila! I’m glad it helped! I love having this list right in front of me now that I can quickly scan for great content to pin! Thanks for sharing your boards – I’m following all now :) And am excited to check out your blog too!

  2. Julia madden says

    Hi Jamie
    I am new to this!
    Regarding your list for boys. My son is 5 years 6months. Yes all the things on list apply.
    However I would add, stickers added on to pictures of many types, added to toys, like cars on garages etc etc. another big one is play dooh is another, modelling clay. Making models, painting ceramics. The night sky/space/ stars/ astronauts/ rockets. My son enjoys all of these. Surprisingly he also likes getting hands on in the kitchen, unlike his older sister, so I see why men end up as chiefs. I guess stereotypes don’t always apply!!

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