Decorate a Christmas Tree with Ella’s Kitchen Baby Food Pouch Caps

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The boys decorated a simple Christmas tree craft by painting with, our sponsor, Ella’s Kitchen baby food pouch caps.

I am incredibly excited to be partnering with Ella’s Kitchen this month to give you some fun holiday crafts, that are easy to make, fun to give to family, and great for creating memories with your kids. Good in every sense, right? In fact, that’s what Ella’s Kitchen is all about, being good in every sense.

To make our Christmas tree, I started by cutting two Christmas trees out of green scrapbook paper. As big as I could.

Then set the kids up to decorate these Christmas tree using the caps from the Ella’s Kitchen baby food pouches that Louis is continually slurping down.

I squirted four different colors of paint onto trays, with a cap for each color.

Make a Christmas tree craft with Ella's Kitchen baby food pouch cap painting

Henry and George dipped the caps into the paint and simply pressed it onto the cut out tree, creating a circle, or ornament for the tree!

Christmas tree craft with bottle cap painting

The tops of the Ella’s Kitchen baby food pouch caps are smooth, so that’s the side we used to dip into the paint.

Christmas tree craft with bottle cap painting

This art project was definitely all about the process, even though I really wanted to cry when Henry tried to make a candy cane on his tree.

It was a rough day for me that day to begin with, I walked out of the room before I could correct him, so it would remain about the process.

Decorate a Christmas tree by painting with caps

Let them dry and then tape or glue them onto another piece of scrapbook paper with a little square piece of brown paper for a trunk and you decorated a Christmas tree for the holidays!

I know Grandma will love to have this hang on her fridge this season.

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Louis, unfortunately, got a hold of George’s Christmas tree and ripped off a big corner of the Christmas tree. So we’ll be making another one to send to Grandma’s. Henry’s is waiting patiently on our fridge for now.

Decorate a Christmas Tree with painted ornaments

I’ve created a Pinterest board to showcase some fun holiday crafts that are easy to make with the kids, plus fun to give to family. All about being good in every sense.

Find out more about Ella’s Kitchen organic baby food and how its good in every sense:

Disclosure: I am happily a brand ambassador for Ella’s Kitchen organic baby food, and love it!

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