3 Types of Resist for Easter Egg Decorating

After trying some new ways to decorate eggs with Henry last year, I thought it would be nice to try a couple other new ways this year.

My thoughts on what kind of decorated eggs I’d like to try?

  1. Trying sticker resist eggs, like I saw at Le Papier Studio.
  2. Hot glue resist decorated eggs, as I saw at Creative Connections for Kids


As my mom and I were looking for our materials to start decorating, we also came across glue sticks and thought that might be nifty to try as a resist form for decorating.

So our three types of resist decorated eggs:

3 types of resist decorated eggs

Let’s see.

  1. Sticker Resist Decorated Eggs: Fail.
  2. Glue Stick Resist Decorated Eggs: Fail.
  3. Hot Glue Resist Decorated Eggs: Fail.


What happened that they were fails?

The sticker resist eggs had two problems.

  1. Some didn’t stick at all – falling off in the dye.
  2. Those that did stick didn’t seem to resist the dye completely. The edges were soaked through.
In all fairness, I had one success with the stickers. And I’m not sure what was done differently with this one, or if it was just the type of sticker. But I love the dots and that was my whole vision for the sticker eggs.
sticker resist decorated egg
The glue stick resist eggs sort of resisted the dye. As I went to wipe off the glue though before dying it again, it just smeared everything. It pretty much gave it a nice marble effect.
The hot glue resist eggs. I was so disappointed with this. I was looking forward to this the most of all of them. You simply decorate the egg with hot glue and then dye it. Once it was dyed, we pulled off the hot glue…. and the shell! Such a bummer!
hot glue resist decorated egg fail
After a few fails, we decided to go with the best one from last year.
Decorating with crayons when the eggs are still hot from boiling!
Its so much fun! The designs are endless.

melted crayon decorated eggs

Henry even tried writing H on the eggs. [Which he did do successfully twice, he just scribbled over them too!]

Still had some pretty results with our eggs. I love this time of year.

decorated eggs

Have a Happy Easter! Enjoy time with your family this weekend!


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  1. says

    Hi Jamie,
    Sorry the eggs didn’t work for you. It is important for the eggs to be at room temperature. If they are a little warm when you apply the glue, it seems to soak into the shell. If they are cold when the glue is applied, the eggs sweat and the glue won’t stick.
    Kristi (Creative Connections for Kids)

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