Give this Character a Name! Its for a New Educational Product for Preschoolers!

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The contest is over and he has a name!

Meet Zorbit!

I got the inside scoop on something and I so badly want to share it with you! Best Boy Interactive is creating a new educational product aimed at preschoolers, aged four. And they’re sponsoring this contest to win an iPad Mini! Sorry… that’s all that they will let me tell you until it’s released!

We love doing educational activities and I’m extremely excited about this educational product for the fun learning aspect! … oh man, I want to give you a hint so bad! I’ll be sure to update you on the product when I can! I just can’t right now [it’s killing me not to tell you!].

But right now, they need help coming up with a name!

Their main character is nameless! And you all have the chance to help name him!

Here’s some characteristic of the nameless little boy in the new educational product:

  • He’s a tween [10-12 age range].
  • He lives with his family on a planet in “outer space”.
  • He’s adventurous and enthusiastic.
  • But… he also can be lazy… and wants to sleep in.


Here’s a sneak peek at the nameless character:

Give this Character a Name! Its for a New Educational Product for Preschoolers!


Can you help name him?

Come up with a name for him and if you have the best name that’s picked, Best Boy Interactive is offering a 16 gb Wi-Fi-enabled iPad Mini in the color of your choice. Taxes and shipping are included.

How will they determine the best name?

Well, it’s not entirely up to them. This is where it gets fun!

We’re asking you to have your friends and family vote for the name you come up with!

The top ten voted names will then be considered by Best Boy and a winning name picked. They’ll be using this name for this little boy character as well as the part of the name of the educational product itself.

There will also be a $50 iTunes gift card to a winner chosen randomly from all those who just submit a name and/or vote for one. So it doesn’t hurt to just enter any name you can think of!




Entering the Naming Contest is easy!

Submitting your name choice for the tween boy is easy!

  • Just like the Best Boy Facebook page and click on the contest tab form (or see the form below). If you’re on a mobile browser, click on this link.
  • You can enter once per day and vote once per day.
  • Referring friends to vote will also earn you an extra entry into the iTunes gift card draw.


The contest is open to anyone in the continental United States or Canada. Entries are accepted only through their Facebook page or the contest form below. The contest ends midnight on Friday, April 26th.


You can find Best Boy Interactive in the following places:

  • Best Boy Interactive on Facebook
  • @BestBoyEd on Twitter
  • Best BoyInteractive on Pinterest


This post is sponsored by Best Boy Entertainment.


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