12 Not-So-Traditional Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas

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There’s more than just a traditional Easter egg hunt to do on Easter morning! These are some fun Easter scavenger hunt ideas for kids to do to celebrate and have fun with Easter!

As you may know, if you’re a somewhat long time reader of hands on : as we grow, we absolutely love any type of scavenger hunt. But the the Easter egg hunt is the traditional scavenger hunt that started it all.

Its what hundreds of thousands of kids do year after year on Easter morning. Its what I remember doing as a child, searching for those eggs, hoping we can find them all so we don’t have a rotten egg in a few days.

But Easter scavenger hunts can go much further beyond the traditional Easter egg hunt too! There’s many versions of an Easter egg hunts, but  even some that don’t include the eggs!

Some fun Easter scavenger hunt ideas for kids to do to celebrate Easter!

12 not-so-traditional Easter scavenger hunt ideas

These 12 Easter scavenger hunt ideas have some fun learning ideas, some Easter egg hunts with a twist, along with some that don’t include eggs at all!

  1. A color Easter scavenger hunt that has kids filling the eggs themselves. A great fine motor activity from Sugar Aunts.
  2. Kids can learn their sight words or spelling words with a little egg scavenger hunt to make words!
  3. Add a glow stick to plastic Easter eggs and hunt for them at night! From Lil’ Luna
  4. No glow sticks? Use a flash light instead for a nighttime Easter egg hunt! From The Frugal Girls
  5. Print out these clues to find their Easter gift from This is Me Sarah Mum of 3.
  6. NurtureStore has a few clues to find the Easter eggs themselves too!
  7. Pack lunch in the plastic Easter eggs! Go on a hunt for lunch! From Gluesticks
  8. Make a color coded egg hunt for them to find the exact egg! From Make and Takes
  9. Get the kids moving with a gross motor skills Easter scavenger hunt!
  10. Go on a hunt, or a walk with Jesus! A great Easter scavenger hunt that utilizes the true meaning of Easter from Parenting in the Latter Days.
  11. Give the kids a puzzle to hunt for and piece together as they hunt for their eggs! From Make the Best of Everything
  12. Print out this free printable for a faith-based Easter scavenger hunt, its a Resurrection scavenger hunt from Fancy Shanty.

How do you celebrate Easter? Do you go on a Easter scavenger hunt?

What Easter scavenger hunt ideas do you have to share?

Share them in the comments! I’d love to hear all about how you do it!

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    Love this! While on Spring Break next week, I’m going to peruse your blog further. I’d love to include some of your activities in my preschool bible curriculum on my blog. Hope it’s ok to link to you at some point there. Thanks!

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