Creative Christmas Countdown: Decorate the Kids Rooms

Today is Day 12 of the Creative Christmas Countdown!

Decorate the Kids Rooms!

Decorating the kids rooms is definitely going to be a new Christmas tradition!
Henry and I decided on creating a Christmas tree of lights in the corner of his bedroom.

We found a string of lights and I got busy taping and stringing them up.

I did hammer one nail in at the top near the corner of the ceiling. Using that nail, I strung the lights over top and down to the baseboard. There I taped them in place [hoping that it’ll hold enough through the holidays]!

While Henry didn’t really help with hanging the lights, he ‘assisted’ me instead with grabbing the items for me when I needed them.

We found a lot of scraps of red ribbon that we decided to hang with the lights, too. This added a lot of flare and made it really stand out! I simply hung them from the nail and twisted them around the strings of lights, letting them loosely hang in place.

This has been an awesome tradition so far! I turn them off as I head to bed at night, and Henry requests to turn them on just before nap.

Its a wonderful Christmas tradition that I’m glad to start with the boys. Next year we’ll do George’s room too!

Now, go spread the Christmas decorations into your kids’ rooms this year! Hang some lights, or even just ornaments from their curtain rods! Place the advent calendar in their room, or a special Christmas stocking. Make them feel special this holiday season!

And we all have leftover Christmas decorations that sometimes don’t make it out of the box… send them with the kids to their rooms and see what they come up with!

Halfway through the countdown to Christmas [can you believe it?]! Join in the Virtual Creative Christmas Countdown with Creative with Kids and 23 other awesome creative kid bloggers!


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