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(above, clockwise from top left)

  1. We are on top of things this year and already have (part) of our Mother’s Day gift ready for Grandma. The boys absolutely loved creating these watercolor coffee filter flowers.
  2. Learning with Legos! We did two activities with Legos: Henry patterned with Legos, as well as measured objects using his pattern tower (measuring with Legos is a guest post found on A Mom with a Lesson Plan).
  3. Some activities that are inspired from items right from your kitchen were featured on It’s Playtime! (Plain Vanilla Mom has an awesome activity using old coffee creamer containers!)
  4. This is a must see guest post from The Lone Home Ranger. Beautiful (!!) cereal boxes turned into a city! Gorgeous!

This coming week is Screen-Free Week. Eek, right?

Will you go screen-free the entire week? For me, it’s too long. I just can’t. I have to do computer work for the bakery business throughout the week (especially since its end of month). So, I’m compromising, finding something that will work for me, and I hope you’ll do the same for yourself.

Myself, Toddler Approved and Creative with Kids are teaming up to go screen-free for the week together. We’re each taking off a couple of days off the blog. Being completely screen-free those days. (I will be completely off the blog and screen-free on Thursday and Friday).

In addition to Thursday and Friday being quiet on hands on : as we grow, I am also scheduling all my posts for the week ahead of time, so I can truly step away from the computer as much as possible. So if I don’t respond to you this week, I’m not ignoring you.

Oh, and the television? That’s no problem in this house, so that will probably be turned off all week.

What will you do for screen free week?

Henry got a hold of my camera as we were finishing off the coffee filter flowers and snapped a few (okay, a LOT) of photos. He came away with this snapshot of me and George. Which I’m super excited about (even though its weird to see myself in a photo!) because I never get to be in the photos. I only have a handful, if that.

Do you ever get to be on the other side of the camera?

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