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CraftsAll AgesLeave a Comment is a one-stop shop for all things crafty for kids! With project ideas for rainy days, seasonal crafts, even educational projects!Its exciting to tell you that is a new sponsor for hands on : as we grow.The craftiness may go off the charts in this house!

We’ve been using products that sent us in a few of our recent activities (such as Pipe Cleaner Decoration, Yarn Monsters and Pumpkin Mummy Family). They have been lifesavers to have on hand!

All ideas found on the website are from products found at your local Walmart!

How easy is that?
They even tell you exactly what products you’ll need to complete the project!

Here are a few I’m bookmarking for some future activities in this house:
Finger Paint Transfer Art Paintings
found in Rainy Day Projects

Practice ABCs with Melty Beads
found in Rainy Day Projects
(This one may be a little beyond Henry at the moment, but we’ll adapt it so it works for us!)

Magnetic Tangram
found in Teacher’s Corner

Jingle Bell Wreath Door Hanger
Found in Seasonal Projects for Christmas
(This is perfect for a fine motor activity!)

Winter Wonderland Snow Globe
found in Seasonal Projects for Winter

And those are just a few that I’m saving!

There’s also a Material of the Month that gives you quite a few ideas for each material, such as pom poms, magnets, feathers and so on!

Once you got an idea chose, you may want to tweak it to fit your child best, right? At least we always do! There’s even a product section to check to make sure those craft materials are available right at Wal-Mart! Nifty!

Oh, and if you have any questions about the projects, you can ask in their forum too. Ultra-helpful!

You can find in these places:
Facebook: Craftprojectideas
Twitter: @CraftPrjctIdeas
YouTube: CraftProjectIdeas

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