Craft Stick Christmas Tree Ornaments

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I’ve had colored craft sticks in my craft cupboard for ages and never really had any ideas for them. Then it hit me that we could make adorable craft stick Christmas tree ornaments!

I spotted ideas for these awhile back when I collected the 30 homemade Christmas ornaments ideas, and found one from Mom Spotted.

And I had the perfect star for the Christmas tree!

Make a sparkly craft stick Christmas tree ornament with the kids

I’m partnering with Ella’s Kitchen this month to give you some fun holiday crafts, that are easy to make, fun to give to family, and great for creating memories with your kids. It’s all good in every sense, which is what Ella’s Kitchen is all about, being good in every sense.

I realized that their baby food pouch caps come in all sorts of color, including yellow and orange, perfect for a Christmas tree star!

Making our craft stick Christmas tree:

I fished out several of the green craft sticks (affiliate link). I think I used 3 or 4 per tree. I prepared this part myself.

I prepped each Christmas tree ornament with one craft stick for the trunk of the tree, and then 6 pieces of craft sticks to use as the branches.

Then cut the craft sticks (a scissors did this fine) to make each branch shorter and shorter, going up the tree. A couple I could use both ends of the craft stick so I wouldn’t use as many.

Repeating this for 2 ornaments, one for Henry and one for George.

I gave them each a set and asked them to find one of the long ones to use as the trunk of the tree.

Lots of Christmas tree crafts can be found in the 25 Christmas crafts for kids!

And then the rest would be lined up the other way, starting with big at the bottom and getting smaller as they worked their way up the tree.

I first had them figure this part out without any gluing and then moved them off to the side, keeping them in order.

Then had them put glue on the trunk of the tree and place the branches back on.

Ordering the branches of the craft stick Christmas tree ornaments

George needed some help ordering the branches of the tree. Once I got him going, he kind of figured it out.

Then they decorated their Christmas trees with some giant jewels I happened to have. (It’s actually kind of odd that I happened to have these, pom poms would work, or sequins too.)

Decorating their Christmas tree ornaments

They were glued on since they weren’t sticky back jewels or anything, but that would have made this super easy.

Not that this was hard, the boys did exceptionally well with this! Despite fighting over the clear glue… heaven forbid I ever got a different kind of glue…

Decorating their Christmas tree ornaments

Then came the star, and they glued the Ella’s Kitchen baby food cap onto the top of their craft stick Christmas tree.

Add a star to the craft stick Christmas tree!

And then we let them dry.

Star added, craft stick Christmas tree complete!

After the boys were in bed, I checked on them and realized the star just wasn’t going to stick.

I removed the baby food cap and used this as a time to add the string to hang the ornaments.

I tied on some string I had (yarn would work too) to the top of the tree.

String to hang the Christmas tree ornament

I made sure the star would stay with some hot glue (also gluing the string in place at the same time) and took this chance to also make sure the rest of the Christmas tree branches were going to stay in place. Henry had a loose branch that I just tacked in place on the back.

I didn’t want their homemade ornaments to break at the first chance we hung it on the tree!

Make a sparkly craft stick Christmas tree ornament with the kids

Don’t forget to write their names and the year on the back of any homemade ornaments the kids make! Gotta keep those memories!

I also have a Pinterest board to showcase some fun holiday crafts that are easy to make with the kids, plus fun to give to family. All about being good in every sense.

Find out more about Ella’s Kitchen organic baby food and how its good in every sense:

Disclosure: I am happily a brand ambassador for Ella’s Kitchen organic baby food!

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