Number Maze for Kids Learning to Count

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I taped out a maze on our floor with masking and painter’s tape.

To make it a number maze to practice counting, I simply labeled it with numbers, with one path being in numerical order. The rest were just random numbers.

A number maze to practice counting and recognizing numbers

I used the tape itself as the road of the maze (instead of between the tape lines).

By the way: this was the extent of George’s participation in the maze activity. Sitting on the maze.

Edited to add May 2014, seeing George plopped down in the middle of the maze reminds me of Louis during out activities now. It must be an age thing where they want to be a part of the activity, but don’t know how. I usually let him plop down in the middle and just move him around if needed to the older boys to do their activity. That’s as long as they’re all agreeable and not upset that he’s plopped down in the middle…

A number maze to practice counting and recognizing numbers - for kids learning to count

I made sure to include numbers that Henry wasn’t quite as familiar with (to fifteen).

He’s got 1-10 down pat, but starts getting confused at 13 (skipping to 16, then 19).

He also has troubles recognizing any double digit number, so this was great practice!

Make a number maze for kids learning to count

Henry grabbed his machine of choice, the combine.

And drove through the maze, in the order of the numbers.

Preschoolers count through the number maze

As I suspected, he did need some help with the double digit numbers and also with the next number after 13.

But overall, I was quite impressed!

1-2-3 Count their way through the number maze

This was such a fun, interactive way for Henry to learn numbers!

You can adjust the numbers up or down to your child’s level.

Or even do skip counting (by 5s or 10s)!

Try skip counting by 10s using Cheerios!

ABCs would be another fun way to do this maze!

*Please note to use painters tape on your floor if at all possible. Other tape sticks. Bad.

Another number maze to try:

Other ways we’ve made a maze:

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