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Welcome Maggy from Red Ted Art as she shares a lovely winter craft! Last year, she shared her gingerbread house Christmas cards, this year, Maggy is sharing a snowflake craft!

Well, it is wonderful to be here, whilst the lovely Jamie cuddles her new baby. Thank you for letting me visit Jamie!

I would love to share this preschooler friendly Snowflake. It is so simple and easy, that they won’t want to stop making them. I find it is a very simple, but effective craft! My three year old adored doing these (though needed a tiny bit of help). He wouldn’t stop!

Q-tip Cotton Bud Snowflakes

Materials to make cotton bud snowflakes:

  • Cotton wool buds (we had the blue ones), or Q-Tips
  • Scissors
  • Bluetack (am sure play dough would work well, but then you cannot stick them on windows)
  • A cute variation, is to also thread some beads onto the sticks.
How to Make Cotton Bud Q-Tip Snowflakes

How to make cotton bud snowflakes:

  1. Cut 3 buds in half.
  2. Make a small blue tack ball.
  3. Arrange 6 halves of cotton wool buds to make snowflake shape (Experiment: I am sure you could do 8 – with 4 smaller ones and 4 larger ones alternating, that would look lovely)
  4. Stick straight onto window with the blue tack


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30 ideas to make a snowflake, ideas for materials to cut them out of plus snowflake craft ideas!


Maggy of Red Ted ArtMaggy Woodley is an award winning craft writer at Red Ted Art where she likes to get crafty with her 5 yrs and 3 yrs old kids. Watch out for her kid’s craft book coming out in March 2013. She also likes to get baking with the children over on Life At The Zoo, as well as tell you all about her favourite Theatre, Books and Movies.

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