Cardboard Box Activities

Cardboard boxes can be a lot of fun! Here are some creative ways to use cardboard boxes!

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Box Train made from Cardboard Boxes

A box train got made over the holidays with all the packaging and cardboard boxes! This year I did almost all [probably 98%!] of my Christmas shopping online, so boxes were in plenty this year. I didn’t let the boys play with them until all the Christmas wrapping was finished to make sure I had […]

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Paint a Cardboard Town

  Start upcycling some cardboard boxes, or just your cereal boxes, to make a whole town! This is a wonderfully arty post written by Justine of The Lone Home Ranger.     I was not the crafting sort before I had kids. Even after my first daughter came along, I admittedly looked at art projects […]

Cardboard Box Ramps: Trial & Error

Henry [along with most preschool boys] loves things that move. These cardboard box ramps were no exception.   The ramps are leftover cardboard box flaps [from the Box Flap Bridges] that I hot glued inside another cardboard box. I cut a square hole in the lower end of each box flap for the ball to fall through, […]