Busy Play Activities & Creative Activities

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Busy Play Activities & Creative Activities

This week of hands on activities:

Activities to take note of:

What we’re up to this week:

We took a long, extended vacation from the bakery over the Labor Day holiday this past weekend and now feel a little bit more rejuvenated! We have completed George’s room (at least 98% of it) and we’ve all but moved him into it, with his new big boy bed!

Henry's New Game

The boys created a game using the legs of their little table (they tend to pull them apart a lot to play with!). A game a bit like golf I guess. Hit the ball into a tub. Henry would only hit the ball once to try to make it in, so not quite the same as golf.

Back to the bed. Any tips and suggestions for moving George into his new room and adjusting to the new bed?

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I'm Ready

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  1. Margaret says

    Our son (25 mo) is using a floor bed at the moment — twin mattress on the floor — and we hope to move it up onto a frame soon. He doesn’t roll off the mattress anymore so we’re hopeful that with a frame that isn’t too high off the ground and a bed rail on the exposed edge, the worst of the “transition” is over. Of course, every time we think something won’t be a big deal, our naivete is revealed. :)

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