Building a Bird’s Nest : Outdoors in April

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Henry and I have been talking about making a bird’s nest for a couple weeks now.
This week it finally got warm enough to spend the entire morning or afternoon (or both!) outdoors.

To make our bird’s nest,
Henry and I headed outside to gather our materials for the nest:
small sticks, leaves, dead grass
I also used a couple small boxes (from our gigantic baby food order).

Henry spent the majority of our nest building day, digging dirt.
(This could not have been done without the help of the blue tractor or the dump truck…)

Henry added water to the dirt to make some mud.

And stirred it up.

He stirred in the gathered materials until they were covered in mud.

I then formed a shape of a bird’s nest in the box,
and let it set out overnight to dry.
(Henry had lost interest and went back to his machines)

(We are still waiting for the nest to dry.
A Picture to come later this week.
I’ll post it on Facebook, so be sure to ‘Like’ me!)

I was in a particularly good mood
and let Henry dump the box of leftover mud onto the sidewalk.
And let him make some tracks with his machines.

Henry even initiated cleanup all by himself.

In addition to building our bird’s nest, we’ve been enjoying this beautiful weather lately.

We’ve been watching the flowers grow,
going to the playground, the farm, and for walks.

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