Fun with Bubbles!

With two simple ingredients, bubbles can be lots of fun for everyone! Check out these fun ways to play with bubbles!


Blowing Bubbles Water Activity

Blowing bubbles is always fun, as is a water activity…. one of those days that I just needed something for George to do in the morning and again all he asks for is a water activity. I’m starting to run out of ideas! Every now and then, I let the kids break the rules. They […]


Toddler Bubbles Sensory Activity

Plain and simple. George likes bubbles. The perfect activity for him [a toddler]? Bubbles. Water and dish soap on a perfect day to be outside. George had a blast!   I have this bucket that I actually got out of my great-grandma’s basement [who's 99 and still kickin' by the way, so I plan to […]