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I order a lot of my baby supplies (formula, baby food, diapers) online. My latest shipment came with a ridiculous amount of packaging.

I ordered a stovetop’s worth – it came in 3 gigantic boxes (above) and had about 1 1/2 boxes worth of packaging.

Since I had no control over the first R (reduce), we moved onto the second one – REUSE! Henry and I spent a morning making a road.We laid out the bubble wrap on the floor and taped it with painters tape (my latest friend, it doesn’t ruin my wood floors) I think the most fun was in making the road because it popped as we crawled a long it.

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We made hills going over the boxes.
(This made it very hard to take the the dump truck over though : we had to support the bubble wrap with pillows.)

Henry found that the bigger dump truck popped the most bubbles, but the smaller vehicles were easier to drive along it. But running on it made the most noise!

And now its Recycled.

Our next activity turned out kind of funny and gross looking. When I saw this Dinosaur Excavation at TinkerLab I thought the slimy jell-o might be fun! TinkerLab has great directions on how to make the mold. I had troubles finding toys that would sink into the jell-o. We ended up using flat marbles, a Lego, and googly eyes (they floated).

Oh, and we added food coloring. (I thought this would give a nice swirl of color in the mold… as you can see below, it did not)

I probably should have let it set up overnight, instead we only waited about 2 or 3 hours.
(not quite long enough!)

Henry then went to work excavating. It turned out the food coloring mistake that I thought looked gross, ended up looking like black dirt! Henry spent a lot of time digging out the marbles.

Once everything was excavated, he put all his findings in a strainer in the kitchen sink and ran water over them until they were sparkly clean.

This next activity happened completely by accident. I got out our large containers (formula and oatmeal) to do a fishing activity that I wanted to try, instead Henry made his own Noisemaker!
(I love it when the activity is completely ran by Henry)

I bookmarked these in a High Five! a couple weeks ago :
Noisemakers at Family Fun Notebook

Since this wasn’t planned, we didn’t get to decorating the cans at all.

And Henry didn’t even get the lid on some of the cans : which made it kind of fun!
Whoa, there goes the G!

Here’s more Reuse for our boxes! Henry and I put together this ‘parking garage’ of boxes. All I did was cut off some flaps and used them for ramps and taped them together.

I wanted to make a two-decker something with the boxes.


Playhouses work well for girls, what can you make for boys? So we came up with the parking garage.

What do you make with boxes? What activities do you do with packaging materials?

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