Blowing Bubbles Water Activity

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Blowing bubbles is always fun, as is a water activity…. one of those days that I just needed something for George to do in the morning and again all he asks for is a water activity. I’m starting to run out of ideas!

Every now and then, I let the kids break the rules. They feel like they get away with something, even though I’ve told them to do it.

And its always fun to break the rules, right?

Apparently so! George kept coming back to this activity all morning. He and I would blow bubbles for a few minutes and then we’d play something else for a bit… and soon enough, George jumped back up to the table to blow more bubbles.

Blowing Bubbles Water Activity

What’s funny about this is that George couldn’t do it.

When I first gave him the cup of water with the straw and told him to blow bubbles, he did it perfectly and laughed.

Then he tried again and couldn’t.

He wasn’t closing his lips around the straw. Who knew that took fine motor practice? It really is a skill!

I showed him over and over how to do it right. I tried to help him.

Blowing Bubbles Water Activity

He didn’t care. It was all fun, whether he was really making bubbles or not.

So when Henry got home from preschool, George called him to the table right away to blow bubbles.

Blowing Bubbles Water Activity

I challenged Henry to blow the water right out of the cup.

He tried and tried… adding more straws to help him do it…

Blowing Bubbles Water Activity

Then he realized he just needed more water. So he filled it up further. Still didn’t really blow the water out of the cup, just splattered it all over.

All it took for George was to see big brother blowing bubbles and George figured it out again. What a goof!

And yes, just like big brother, he had to use more straws too. I think at one time they had 4 (maybe even more?) straws in their mouth trying to blow bubbles!

Blowing Bubbles Water Activity

Its okay to break the rules every once in awhile… as long as mom says its okay to, right?

We got some good water drinking in too during this water activity. Always a plus.

You could always get creative with blowing bubbles too and make bubble prints! Tinkerlab made some cute cards! (Don’t drink it if you do this!)

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  1. Stacy M says

    Try a plastic mixing bowl with water and soap.. Use a straw and hell make amazing bubbles! Also, try. a manual egg beater .. Excellent for fine motor skill practice. Have fun!

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