Big vs Small Activity for Kids

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We did a couple activities with Big and Small this week.

big versus small feet tracing

Henry and I ‘got our toes out’ (as Henry says) – and traced our feet.

Henry tried his best tracing mine.

We even got George’s out too. And someone else’s too… can you guess? Blue Dog’s!

We traced all our feet on some paper (we have a nice big roll of butcher paper for this kind of stuff!).

big versus small - big feet versus small feet

We then talked about whose was biggest, smallest, a little bigger and so on.

He had fun fitting his feet in the other footprints and seeing whose were bigger or smaller.

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I'm Ready


  1. The Book Chook says

    It sounds like he's on the way, but just not quite ready for stacking and comparing more objects. He's doing so well for his age and the rest will come as he matures.

  2. Jackie H. says

    I'm so glad you said that about him not getting it. My son gets the concept of "big" and "small" but he can not order things from big to small or vice versa. It seems like on other's blogs their babies are doing this and he is almost three. ;) I was wondering if he should be able to do it. But I think I'll just let it come when it comes!

  3. RedTedArt says

    I like the feet exercise – what fun! And I also find that sometimes the seem to "get something in one context", but not at all in another… they have time to learn!


  4. Candace @Naturally Educational says

    This is so cute! Really brings it home and I know kids that age especially love to think of things in "families"–my kids always want four of everything. Now it will be five of everything, I suppose! It has been great for teaching animal names (Stallion, Mare, Foal, Colt, Filly) and you are right–relative size would be a perfect fit, too!

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