5 Beginning Reader Books for Kids JUST Learning to Read

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Henry is just in the beginning stages of actually reading, so I’m just starting to be on the lookout for some really easy beginning reader books that he can start with.

The books I chose are very simple, easy beginning reader books that will help build Henry’s confidence in reading. Starting simple, with what he knows and adding just a little at a time to build his reading power!

These books are also all available in Amazon’s new Kindle Paperwhite (affiliate link) that’s the perfect gift for kids because of Kindle FreeTime.


FreeTime is something new on the Kindle Paperwhite, (affiliate link) which lets you create personalized profiles for your kids, and you can give them access to only titles from your collection of books that you want to.

Kids are then rewarded with achievement badges when they reach their reading goals. Parents can also track their kids’ reading with progress reports, showing you the total time they spent reading, number of words looked up (there’s a dictionary built right in with just a click of a word), badges earned, and books read.

Here are 5 super easy beginning reader books that I’m super excited to hear Henry read to me on the Kindle Paperwhite(affiliate link) and track his reading time using FreeTime (affiliate links are used below).

  1. The Tap, Henry picked this one up and read it right off the bat! It was just hard enough that he had to sound out a few, but easy enough that he didn’t get discouraged.
  2. The Bears, I Can Read Easy Words Sight Words Books – these start with flash cards of the sight words that are in the book, along with the character names and then it gets into the story. A perfect refresher and confidence booster! What’s super handy with this series of books is that it gives you a visual scale of what reading level it is, so its easy to find the truly beginning reader books!
  3. Pink Pig, Miss Rhonda’s Readers Set One – I think this series is very comparable to Bob Books and a great place for beginning readers that are just starting out. Very simple, very easy to sound out the words and uses a lot of the beginner sight words.
  4. Funny Cat, An “I Love Reading” Level 1 Sight Word Reader – I think these books are just ever so slightly more advanced than the Miss Rhonda’s Readers because they use adjectives like colors and others that aren’t beginning sight words. But they are easy to sound out and great to push just that extra little bit.
  5. Dex the Dog Goes to the Zoo, and the entire Dex the Dog series. I’m actually saving this one for in like a month. Henry’s not quite there yet, but is so very close that I think it belongs on this list. There are some bigger words in it, but they can be figured out by the photos that are shown.

We’re just starting to work our way through these on the Kindle Paperwhite.

What are your favorite beginning reader books for kids just starting to read?

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  1. Kate says

    Kindle is on my gift list for ME. One of the things I miss most about living in a small apartment (after owning my own home) is the lack of space for a library. With the Kindle, I can carry my library in my handbag, where-ever I go! and now that I’ve gone back to college, having a Kindle means this old arthritic back isn’t going to be strained by those heavy text books… I can carry those in my Kindle as well!

  2. Arinna says

    The Kindle is on my wishlist because ebooks are so much cheaper than paper books (plus it’s easier to carry it around than a whole library). It’s an affordable and accessible way to read!

  3. Jessica says

    The Kindle has been on my Christmas wishlist for years! We haven’t been able to afford one, but I would love to own one! I am always carrying my books with me everywhere I go, but this would be so much better!!

  4. Terri Moore says

    We have never owned a Kindle and would love to take advantage of all the great books for kids that are available for free. I love that they can carry many books on it and bring it with them wherever they are.

  5. Noel says

    What are your favorite beginning reader books for kids just starting to read?
    … I love the Mother Goose, Captain UnderPants and Junie B Jones books. But I honestly believe that the best books for beginner readers are the ones they want to read – so find a book about a topic they’re interested in and turn them loose!

  6. karen medlin says

    The Kindle is on our list, Living in a small town,We have to travel to purchase books. With the Kindle, I would be saving gas driving to a book store to purchase the many books the little ones read, and can easily save time by downloading a book instead.Also while traveling it makes it very convenient to download books when they need a new one.

  7. Veronica R says

    Dr Suess books and the Biscuit books are great for beginning readers! I would love a Kindle because then I don’t have to keep track of all those library books and make sure they are returned on time!

  8. Sarah Cool says

    The kindle is on my wishlist because i am a total book freak and while i do enjoy buying books i have no more room on my bookshelves for anymore. Plus i love that i would be able to read in bed without needing a light on :’)

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