A Halloween Beaded Spider Craft for Kids

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We’ve been all about spider webs lately (shh, there’s another one coming next week too!), so we just had to make a fun spider craft for kids to make for Halloween too!

A Halloween Beaded Spider Craft for Kids

The boys were begging me to do an activity once we opened our Pom Tree Kids package from our sponsor! (You have a chance to win one below too!)

Most of the packages are for 3+ or 5+, so they’re perfect for both George and Henry, but we had to wait for Louis to be napping, which wasn’t first thing in the morning before school! So I promised Henry when he got home from school, we’d do something with the packages we received.

And that was first thing he asked to do when he got home.


We opened up the Mega Kit (seriously 1208 pieces!) and decided to make a spider craft from all the pipe cleaners and beads. Perfect for a Halloween craft this time of year. Also perfect for little hands to work on fine motor skills and even sneak in some patterning too.

George and Louis both happened to be taking a late nap that day, so Henry and I got to work on the spider alone.

I made some quick legs with four of the super long pipe cleaners (seriously, they’re probably 3 times longer than any pipe cleaner I’ve ever seen!), this could be a huge spider!

I wrapped it with another pipe cleaner and cut off the ends. I also hot glued on some pom poms (also in the Pom Tree Kids Mega Kit) for a body and head too.

Oh, and we used some of the handy sticker foam shapes too to make some eyes!

Spider craft setup

Then I started a couple patterns on a few of the legs with the beads and let Henry keep at it.

I pushed him a little bit with the patterning. But he was up for the challenge.

He got stuck a few times, so I know I made it a little too difficult. (ABACABAC wasn’t too hard, but a AABACAABAC was…. can’t blame him, but I had to try!)

Beading the spider legs

We quietly worked together on all eight of the legs, beading each of them.

Henry was pretty adamant that they all had to be the same length.

At the same time.

So he kept going from one leg to another, adding beads to each pattern.

No wonder he got confused!

Spider craft

When the beads were about 3-4 inches long on each leg, Henry said that was enough.

So we cut off the pipe cleaners (darn, no giant spider!) and tied it off around the last bead.

Spider craft for kids

George woke up and saw his spider and wanted to make one too! So we made one!

We didn’t do any patterning, just putting the beads on the pipe cleaners was great fine motor practice for him.

toddler beading

Now they both have their spooky spiders for Halloween hanging in their bedroom windows. Hopefully we won’t have any nightmares because of them!

Beaded spider craft for kids

The other products we received from Pom Tree Kids include some awesome playsets (an ice cream truck, a play house, and even a tree house!) with paper, foam, and felt stickers for the kids to put together and decorate any way they like (total customization!). The sets have everything you need to build it included. There’s no need for glue (no mess), it’s all interlocking parts (great for problem-solving, it’s like a big 3D puzzle!) and  the decorations are all stickers! Plus there are big tubs of coordinating stickers to keep the play going.


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