Baby Guessing Contest!

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I want to have a little fun before the baby gets here.

Let’s take a stab at guessing the baby’s vital information when it arrives!

Baby Guessing Contest

Here’s how the rules will work for this baby guessing contest:


Who will win:

    1. You HAVE to guess the gender correctly.
    2. The person with the closest guesses [in one entry] for each of the other baby stats will be the winner


How to enter:

    1. To enter, you make your guesses in the survey form below and ‘Submit’.
    2. You can enter up to 3 times. Since I cannot do a ‘check’ with Google Docs to make sure you only do three entries, I will only be accepting the first 3 times you entered. [Any additional entries will just be void.]
    3. Entry deadline is going to be a variable one, depending on the baby’s arrival date. This contest will close the day the baby arrives.


Tips to come up with the best baby guesses:

1. Here’s the latest information [as of the date of this post, October 2] to get you up to speed:

Baby’s Due Date: November 7, 2012

At my last appointment [34 weeks]:

      • Baby’s head is down
      • Baby’s heart rate is 132 beats per minute
      • My belly is measuring at 33cm [on target for 33 weeks along].
      • I’ve gained 23 lbs during this pregnancy.


2. Check Facebook for the latest information from Doctor checkups.


3. Ask me questions. Either here in the comments, or on Facebook. I will be open to as much information as possible [within reason]. Ask about my history with other pregnancies, about the boys’ baby statistics, or whatever else you can think of that will help you make the best guess for the baby’s statistics!


4. Make me do ‘tests’! You know all the tests out there to determine if its a boy or girl. I’ll do them if you ask! So just ask! If there’s any tests that can help determine the other stats, ask those as well, I’m open to trying them [again within reason!].


5. Check back in here and on Facebook frequently to see if others’ have asked a question. I’ll be answering questions in the comments here by simply replying back to them in the comments. On Facebook, I’ll reply back to your question, as well as share your question on the page with my answers.

6. See what others’ are guessing! All the guessing that you guys are doing, I’m putting into charts. Maybe you missed something and everyone else knows!

Thank you hands on : as we grow readers!

And since my readers here on hands on : as we grow rock, I want to just give you a thank you for coming here and checking it out. Whether you’re a regular reader or you pop in occasionally. Either way, you make my day, each and every day. So thank you, very very much.

Besides just a big thank you [and a virtual hug!], I’m offering a $25 gift card to Amazon for whoever get all the stats the closest. This might be a little hard for me to determine when the time comes, especially with a new baby, but I will get it done!

Alright. Its time. You can start making your guesses. Or take a chance and wait a day… or two… or a week, or two.

Just remember that when I have the baby, the contest is over. 


Official contest disclaimers and rules:

This contest is open worldwide to participants 18 years of age or older. To be eligible for the $25 Amazon Gift Card, you must enter your guess in the above Google Doc Form. This contest ends on the date of the birth of the child of Jamie of hands on : as we grow. The winner will be selected by being the closest guesser for all the questions. If the closest guesses are a tie, will be used to break the tie.  The winner will be notified via email and asked to confirm their email address within 48 hours. Once verified, a digital $25 Amazon Gift Card will be emailed. If the winner’s email is not verified within 48 hours of notification, the next closest guesser will be chosen. No purchase necessary. Any information gathered through this contest, including email, will not be used in any way other than contacting winners and to deliver winnings digitally. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. 

This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

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  1. Jenny says

    Website is under construction! What was your skin condition in the first 12 weeks? What is your heritage/background? Was/is the nausea worse or better than previous pregnancies? Are you belly out, or round all the way around?

    • Jamie says

      Jenny – LOVE all the questions :)

      Skin condition in first trimester: I felt like I was in high school all over again. Face and back especially.

      Heritage? I’m Norwegian, German and Swedish…. A lovely white blonde with green eyes :)

      Nausea: Never been nauseous with any of my pregnancies. This time around there was a lot of crampiness during the first trimester.

      Very much belly out. I carry it all in front.

  2. Amy says

    What are the stats for your other children? What did they weigh, what were their lengths, what were their due dates and when were they actually born?

    Is there anything noticeably different about this pregnancy compared to your previous?

    • Jamie says

      The Boys’ Stats:
      Henry: induced 8 days early. 6 lbs 11 oz, 19 inches
      George: labor 7 days early, 7 lbs 3 oz, 20 inches

      Pretty much the same pregnancy symptoms this time around as well. Much crampier than the other times.

  3. Mary says

    Ok I don’t have a guess per se, but the fact that you weren’t nauseaus in any of your pregnancies has me envious of you. I was borderline with my first (a girl) and sick every. single. day with my second (a boy). I’ll debate my guess and get back to you. But regardless I wish you a very easy delivery! (and you’re almost there!)

  4. says

    How much did you typically gain with your previous pregnancies? Did you have similar skin conditions both times as well? Has your face & nose especially become rounder or more swollen? How was it during the previous pregnancies? How has your hair been – any changes?

    BTW, do you know what you’re having or are you waiting to know too, just curious! I may have missed that because I think you mentioned it before but I can’t recall now. You are almost there!

    • Jamie says

      I gained 20-25 lbs with the last 2 pregnancies. So far with this one I’ve gained 22 lbs (at 34 week checkup).

      My husband said my face hasn’t changed much this time. The other ones he said I became a ‘fatso’ in the face :) I do recall the first pregnancy I was very round in the face.

      Yes, similar skin conditions every time. Very much so on my back every time.

      Hair… I guess it just doesn’t fall out as much when I’m pregnant (every time) — but I don’t really notice any difference.

      I do NOT know what I’m having either :)

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